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N8 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. New Products Alleviator Comfort-King Anti-Fatigue Mat (Specify Color: Black Steel Gray) Item # 1-4 5+ FLM836 2'W x 3'L x 0.875"H $89 $85 FLM837 3'W x 5'L x 0.875"H $219 $209 FLM838 2'W x 30'L x 0.875"H $865 $820 FLM839 3'W x 30'L x 0.875"H $1289 $1225 FLM840 4'W x 30'L x 0.875"H $1695 $1610 Diamond-Deluxe with Grit-Safe Anti-Fatigue Mat Item # 1-4 5+ FLM830 3'W x 5'L x 0.5"H $199 $189 FLM831 3'W x 40'L x 0.5"H $1389 $1319 FLM832 4'W x 40'L x 0.5"H $1850 $1760 More than twice the thickness of original Comfort-King Mat for superior comfort in light- and non-industrial areas 7/8"-thick Zedlan Foam construction relieves stress on knees, back, feet and ankles Textured surface helps reduce slips and falls ; beveled edges help reduce tripping hazard Delivers anti-fatigue support without the industrial look Alleviator Anti-Fatigue Mat - Nearly an inch of soft, comfortable foam to stand on! Open-loop, flow-through design allows liquids to pass through the entire mat surface ; provides better drainage than mats with punched holes Elevates feet out of wet, oily environments to promote a drier work surface and minimize tracking through your facility Diamond embossed surface is impregnated with non-slip grit for extra traction to minimize slips and falls Durable vinyl construction resists water and most oils ; ideal for use in wet, slippery areas in factories, garages and steel mills Anti-fatigue properties reduce leg stress and back strain Diamond-Deluxe with Grit-Safe Anti- Fatigue Mat - Safer and drier footing. Soft flange on extra-wide rubber nosepiece distributes weight evenly and eliminates pressure on the nose Bayonet-style flexible rubber temples give soft cushioning and a pressure-free, secure fit behind the ear; four lens color choices Scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection ; exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standards for impact Intrepid II Safety Glasses - Wear this ultralight, frameless design for all-day comfort. GLS802 GLS803 GLS804 GLS805 FLM830 FLM836 Intrepid II Safety Glasses Item # 1-9 10+ GLS802 Clear Lens Black Frame $3. 95 $3. 75 GLS803 Gray Lens Black Frame $4. 65 $4. 40 GLS804 Sun Block Bronze Lens Black Frame $4. 70 $4. 45 GLS805 Indoor/Outdoor Mirror Lens Black Frame $4. 70 $4. 45 GLS805

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