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N6 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. New Products Cart is prepacked with encapsulating and neutralizing PIG Mats, Loose, Socks and Wipes as well as PPE and cleanup tools Cart is hi-viz yellow for easy locating in the event of a spill; highly portable, with 8" wheels Swing-out doors, prepacked shelves and compartments make it easy to access and inventory Helps you comply with 29 CFR 1910.178 (g)(2) NOTE: Not for use with hydrofluoric acid See note on page 116 for more details on compatibility and testing. RFL354 KIT354 PIG Battery Acid Spill Kit in Cart Item # 1-3 4+ KIT354 Absorbs up to 7 gal. $780 $764 RFL354 Refill Absorbs up to 7 gal. $530 KIT354 & RFL354 Contents 6 Socks 50 Mat Pads 2 PIG Acid Encapsulating/Neutralizing Loose Absorbent 1 PIG Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer Wipes 1 Faceshield Window 1 Headgear 1 Economy Goggles 2 Pair of Neoprene Gloves 1 Apron 1 Dustpan/Broom 10 Caution Disposal Bags 1 Instructions Drum Lock Set Item # 1 2+ DRM1340 For Steel Drums with .75" and 2" Bungs $68 $65 Drum Lock Set - Protect drums with a sleek, low-profile bung lock. Protects steel drum contents from cross contamination, theft or sabotage Set includes a 2"- and a "-drum lock that easily attaches to bungs on 15-110 gallon steel drums Hinged, one-piece design , constructed of heavy-duty, nonsparking zinc alloy and with a built-in, all-weather locking mechanism; gator-like grips clamp around the bung plugs to secure the drum contents Locks are treated with an electrophoretic coating that is corrosion- proof and engineered to last a lifetime RoHS compliant and CE certified Battery Acid Spill Kit in Cart - Put your response on wheels and speed to the spill. gallons Absorbs up to 7 DRM1340

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