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N4 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. New Products Just roll the kit to the scene of the spill for fast response. Suitable for indoor or outdoor storage, the cart is UV- and weather- resistant , with a locking latch and sloped, gasketed lid to channel away liquid Rubber wheels make it easy to take supplies to the spill site Ergonomic design features outside handles to push and an inside handle to pull the cart Ideal to store at fuel dispensing stations, inside or outside permanent structures or buildings or near above- ground storage tanks Plus many of the features and regulatory compliance of our Overpack Kit on page N2 PIG Fuel Station Spill Kit in Cart Item # 1-2 3-6 7+ KIT4001 Absorbs up to 13.8 gal. $585 $575 $565 RFL4001 Refill Absorbs up to 13.8 gal. $225 KIT4001 & RLF4001 Contents 4 Socks 70 Mat Pads 6 Loose Absorbents 1 Economy Goggles 1 Pair Neoprene Gloves 1 Apron 1 Dustpan/Broom 10 Disposal Bags and Ties 1 Caution Tape 1 Instructions KIT4001 gallons Absorbs up to 13.8 Fuel Station Spill Kit in Cart - With your spill kit on wheels, you'll be able to speed to fuel spills. Browse titles on pages 251-253 and get full course descriptions at newpig.com/training. NEW! OVER 90 TRAINING COURSES! WE'VE CHANGED THE TRAINING GAME. Boring doesn't work. PIG Training is written and designed to keep workers awake and engaged! Train your workers in 7 categories: Spill Response SPCC RCRA Hazmat Safety Maintenance Heavy Equipment TRN191 - PIG RCRA Training Emergencies, Inspections, and Training Licenses starting at (Price breaks for multiple licenses) $ 49

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