Pigalog 2017 Page 91 Spill Kits

Spill Kits Universal Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water Universal Shown with optional 8" no-flat wheels Contents are compartmentalized for fast response. 31" 41 3 /4" with lid 48" KIT280 PIG Spill Kit in High-Visibility Storage Chest Item # 1 2-5 6+ KIT280 Absorbs up to 76 gal. 8" No-flat Wheels $1186 $1126 $1017 KIT279 Absorbs up to 76 gal. 5" Rubber Wheels $999 $962 $870 KITR203 Refill Absorbs up to 76 gal. $609 KIT279, KIT280 & KITR203 Contents 41 Socks 154 Mat Pads 112 Wipers 15 Disposal Bags and Ties 6 Tamperproof Labels 1 Instructions NOTE: A PIG Response Chest Protection Cover (available separately) is suggested for outdoor storage to protect container from UV degradation and weathering. See PAK802 on page 135. Durable polyethylene container with snap-tight lid keeps absorbents clean, dry and secure before use Stocked with PIG Absorbent Socks, Mats and Pillows plus PIG Lite-Dri Loose for absorbing spills in cracks and crevices 4" plastic wheels roll easily over smooth surfaces and pavement Built-in handles allow easy steering through tight spots Hinged lid provides easy access Helps you comply with 40 CFR 112.7 SPCC Regulations NOTE: Not for outdoor storage. KIT276 PIG Spill Kit in Small Mobile Container Item # 1-2 3+ KIT276 Absorbs up to 22 gal. 4" Plastic Wheels $225 $216 RFL276 Refill Absorbs up to 22 gal. $198 KIT276 & RFL276 Contents 5 Socks 50 Mat Pads 2 Pillows 1 Loose Absorbent Bag 6 Tamperproof Labels 5 Disposal Bags and Ties 1 Instructions UV-resistant, lockable polyethylene container keeps absorbents secure and dry indoors or out 31"-wide chest fits through standard doors and aisles and has forklift entry for easy moving Highly visible color helps you locate the kit faster Choose 5" rubber wheels or 8" no-flat wheels Helps you comply with 40 CFR 112.7 SPCC Regulations KIT280 gallons Absorbs up to 76 gallons Absorbs up to 22 Spill Kit in Mobile Container - Lightweight container rolls to spills of up to 22 gallons. Spill Kit in Hi-Viz Chest - 76 gallons of absorbency that fits through doorways. BEST SELLER! 91 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com

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