Pigalog 2017 Page 80 Absorbents

Absorbent Accessories 80 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Absorbents Picker - Back saver! Just grab used absorbents. Aluminum and stainless steel construction resists rust, oil and most chemicals Rubber cups provide a precision grip on objects as small as a postage stamp, holds up to 5 lbs. Trigger-action handle features adjustable tension 34"-long handle for extended reach GEN572 Mobile Cart for Loose Absorbents - Store and transport your loose, indoors or out. Holds loose absorbents by the bag, or they can be poured directly into the cart Weatherproof cart with rubber wheels resists UV and gasketed lid is slanted to keep out water Add a handle to any bag! PLP106 PIG Picker Item # 1+ GEN572 34"L $38 PIG Clip-&-Go Bag Carrier Item # 1-2 3+ PLP106 Use with PIG Bagged Absorbents up to 40 lbs. $14 $13 Mobile Cart for Loose Absorbents (Specify Color: Black Red Yellow) Item # 1-2 3+ PLP1000 Use with Loose Absorbent $410 $399 Designed for easy pull- behind mobility. PLP1000 Clips to any bagged product to reduce bending and back strain Locking system with teeth grabs bags tightly without tearing Store bags with clip in place to protect contents Clip-&-Go Carrier - Make your bags of loose easier to carry and pour. FURIOUSLY FAST FUNNELS PIG Burpless Funnels chug as fast as you pour with no burping or dangerous splashback. See our selection on pages 320-323. DRM1125

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