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76 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. PIG Encapsulating & Neutralizing Mat Pads Absorb, encapsulate and neutralize corrosives in one easy step for safer spill cleanup. See page 77 PIG Base Encapsulating/ Neutralizing Loose Absorbent Neutralizes and encapsulates spills of bases, changing color to let you know when it's safe to finish the cleanup. See page 78 Spill-X-A Acid Neutralizing Adsorbent Quickly neutralizes and solidifies larger acid spills for safer cleanup and handling. See page 79 Neutralizing Spill Kits See pages 124-131 Battery Acid Cleanup & Maintenance Products See pages 125-129 BEST SELLERS Absorbents HazMat Absorb and neutralize most acids and bases NEUTRALIZING ABSORBENTS Absorb and neutralize small spills of most acids and bases for safer handling and cleanup. Neutralizers and neutralizing absorbents are made for spills of 5 gallons or less. If you're working with small quantities of acids or bases, neutralizers can help make these liquids safer to clean up and handle. Because the process of neutralizing acids and bases generates heat, it can also create the potential for a fire, making neutralizers impractical for large corrosive spills. Color change helps you work safer. To further minimize your risk during chemical cleanup, many of our absorbents feature color-change technology. Take our PIG Encapsulating & Neutralizing Absorbents on the opposite page. They change color on contact with acids or bases, then return to their original color when neutralization is complete. Look for this important safety feature in our offering of neutralizing products. Need help choosing? Just call 1-800-HOT-HOGS! World's #1 Absorbent Brand PLP804 GEN322 MAT304 Train workers on best practices for incidental spills with our award-winning PIG Spill Response Tactics Training. See TRN100 and DVD100 on page 251.

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