Pigalog 2017 Page 71 Absorbents

PIG HazMat Pads and Rolls Specially treated mats are the best you can buy for highly concentrated corrosives. See pages 72-73 PIG Rip-&-Fit HazMat Roll Extra perforations let you create custom mat sizes without cutting. See page 73 PIG HazMat Sock Contain and absorb small spills of concentrated acids, bases and other corrosives. See page 74 PIG HazMat Dike Your high-volume spills need the stopping power of our large-diameter dikes. See page 74 PIG HazMat Pillow High-capacity pillows pump up the absorbency on large corrosive spills. See page 75 PIG HazMat Pulp Pound for pound, our most absorbent loose for acids, bases and unknown liquids See page 75 Q: Do they neutralize acids and bases? A: No. PIG HazMat Absorbents help responders with cleanup by quickly absorbing spills but they don't neutralize. (See our neutralizing absorbents on pages 76-79.) Q: Why do these cost more than universal sorbents? A: Many universal sorbents on the market are made from cellulose or other materials that are unsuitable for corrosive liquids. PIG HazMat Absorbents are 100% polypropylene and specially treated to provide the widest range of chemical resistance. Q: Why are high concentrations of acids or bases slow to absorb? A: The surface tension of highly concentrated acids and bases slows absorption. Lightly misting the absorbent with water will help break the surface tension and allow it to be absorbed more quickly. Frequently asked questions: Specially treated to absorb highly concentrated corrosives. Only PIG HazMat Absorbents are built to handle the worst of the worst. Highly corrosive liquids like 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide can cause inferior cellulose mats, socks and pillows to degrade or react. But PIG is specially treated to absorb high concentrations of chemicals. PIG HazMat Absorbents provide the widest range of chemical resistance you can buy, but don't let the pink color fool you - they're all tough as nails. You get the same strength and durability that make PIG the world's #1 selling absorbent brand. Highly concentrated corrosives? Think pink! Absorbents HazMat Absorbs most acids, bases and chemicals KICKIN' ACID AND TAKIN' NAMES. OURS Even 98% sulfuric acid is completely absorbed. THEIRS Highly concentrated corrosives just puddle on top. GET OUR HAZMAT ABSORBENTS PACKED IN PIG SPILL KITS! SEE PAGES 116-123. PIG HazMat outperforms the competition: BEST-SELLERS MAT301 MAT342 124CR HA1010 HA7015 HA8010 MAT309 71 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com

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