Pigalog 2017 Page 68 Absorbents

68 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Recycled cellulose repels water while absorbing oil-based liquids Absorbent begins to work the instant it comes in contact with liquid Superabsorbent, nonleaching activated sphagnum peat moss absorbs up to 8 gallons of oil per bag Just throw it on a spill and sweep it up; used indoors, it even removes the oily sheen from your floor NOTE: Not recommended for oil spills on water. PLP415 Polypropylene material absorbs oil-based liquids but not a drop of water Packaged loose so it can be broadcast into nooks and crannies where booms and pillows can't reach Floats to clean up spills on water confined by booms or socks Permanently solidifies to "lock in" absorbed liquids; won't leak or revert to liquid state, even in disposal Environmentally friendly material PLP404 SA8010 PLP500 PIG Peat Absorbent Item # 1-9 10-39 40+ PLP404 11-lb. Bag Absorbs up to 8 gal./bag $31. 75 $28. 50 $25. 50 Oil-Only Lite-Dri - Lighter than clay plus it absorbs 3X more oil. Peat - Our best loose absorbent for cleaning up oil that was spilled on soil. Skimming Pulp - Pound for pound, our most absorbent loose for oils and fuels. Absorb-&-Lock - Turn spilled solvents or oils into an easy solid cleanup. PLP505 Absorbents Oil-Only Absorbs oil-based liquids, but not water PIG Absorb-&-Lock Absorbent Item # 1-2 3+ PLP505 For Solvents 4 - 4-lb. Containers $308 $296 PLP500 For Oils 4 - 2-lb. Containers $218 $210 PIG Oil-Only Lite-Dri Loose Absorbent Item # 1-2 3+ PLP415 10-lb. Bag Absorbs up to 3.5 gal./bag $17. 05 $16. 05 Item # 1-9 10+ PLP410 22-lb. Bag Absorbs up to 8 gal./bag $25. 35 $24. 10 PIG Skimming Pulp Item # 1-4 5-11 12+ SA8010 5-lb. Bag Absorbs up to 7.5 gal./box $90 $87 $81 BEST SELLER!

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