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EXCLUSIVE! MAT214 Stat-Mat Pads and Rolls pass NFPA 99 standards for static decay and surface resistivity; perfect for fueling areas and solvent cleanup Reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge ; a critical precaution around flammable liquids and vapors Absorbs and retains oils and fuels - including acetone, benzene, gasoline, toluene, xylene, mineral spirits and jet fuels - without taking in a drop of water Helps you comply with 29 CFR 1910.106(h)(7)(i)(a) for preventing static that could ignite flammable vapors Packaged in special bags that dissipate static charge buildup for sensitive environments; bright pink color is easily distinguishable to prevent improper use or pilfering. Absorbents Oil-Only Absorbs fuels and oil-based liquids, but not water PIG Stat-Mat Absorbent Mat Pads Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Light MAT215 15"W x 20"L 200 pads 22 gal./bag $121 $111 $99 Heavy MAT214 15"W x 20"L 100 pads 22 gal./bag $121 $111 $99 MAT414 15"W x 20"L 50 pads 11 gal./bag $65 $62 $52 PIG Stat-Mat Absorbent Mat Rolls Weight Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-6 7+ Light MAT418 30"W x 300'L 1 roll 40.2 gal./bag $200 $182 $167 Heavy MAT402 30"W x 150'L 1 roll 40.2 gal./bag $200 $182 $167 MAT420 15"W x 150'L 2 rolls 40.2 gal./bag $200 $182 $167 MAT214 BEST SELLER! MAT402 SKM700 53 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Read why you need PIG Stat-Mat Absorbents for flammables: newpig.com/nostatic EXPERT ADVICE PIG Static- Dissipative Absorbent Sock The ONLY absorbent sock for fuels and solvents proven to dissipate static. See it on page N5. Stat-Mat The ONLY absorbent mat for fuels and solvents proven to dissipate static. NEW!

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