Pigalog 2017 Page 47 Absorbents

PIG Oil-Only Mat Clean up oily leaks and spills without taking in a drop of water. Lasts 2X longer than ordinary mats. See pages 48-49 PIG Stat Mat Pads and Rolls The ONLY absorbent mat for fuels and solvents that's proven to dissipate static. See page 53 PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Sock The best outdoor sock you can buy for oily spills on land - UV resistant up to one year. See page 58 PIG Sump Skimmer Keep sumps, tanks and bilges oil-free with easy-to-retrieve PIG Sump Skimmers. See page 61 PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Boom Works in all conditions to confine and absorb oil spills on land or water. See pages 62-63 PIG Skimmer Pillow High-capacity pillows keep pulling in oil in jobs where a mat just isn't enough. See page 67 PIG Peat Absorbent Our best loose absorbent for cleaning up oil that was spilled on soil. See page 68 Q: Will the oil-only mats absorb diesel fuel? A: Yes! PIG Oil-Only Mat absorbs all fuels and oil-based liquids including hydrocarbon-based, vegetable-based and synthetic oils and solvents. If static is a concern, choose PIG Stat Mat (page 53). Q: Can I use oil-only mats to filter oil out of water? A: No. Oil-only mats will remove free-floating oil-based liquids from the surface of water or in the rain, but they won't filter oil out of water or demulsify an oil/water solution. For oil filtration products, see pages 289-295. Q: Are the mats safe to use around jet fuel and other flammable liquids? A: PIG Stat-Mat Pads and Rolls (see page 53) are specially treated to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge when working with flammables and consistently dissipate static per NFPA 99 criteria in 0.05 seconds or less. Our new static-dissipative socks are available on page N5. Frequently asked questions: Absorbents Oil-Only Absorbs oil-based liquids, but not water WATER REPELLENT. OIL OBSESSED. applications where PIG Oil-Only Absorbents are most effective: 3 1. On water - Our oil-only socks, booms, mats and pillows float on the surface so you can control even large waterborne oil spills. They won't sink, even if they're soaked! 2. In the rain - Raindrops bounce right off our oil-only products for easy, effective outdoor cleanups. Don't waste absorbency on a puddle of water when you can just skim the oil off the top. 3. Just oil - Indoors or out, if you know you're only cleaning up fuels or oil-based liquids, PIG Oil-Only Absorbents can maximize efficiency and save you money. BEST-SELLERS MAT403 MAT214 SKM210 SKM413 BOM304 PIL203 PIL404 MAT401 47 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Oil hates water and so does PIG Oil-Only Mat! Watch them go at it: newpig.com/oil-absorbent-mat-video EXPERT ADVICE

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