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You have to be a little crazy to look at an old pair of pantyhose and ground-up corncob and think, "That would make my job a lot easier." We were, and we did. Back in 1985, our founders were working up a late-night sweat cleaning oil and grime from filthy factories. The worst of the nasty jobs was shoveling up the cat litter that got spread around leaky machines. But our guys wouldn't take "dirty" for an answer - they cut up pantyhose and stuffed 'em with everything from sawdust to rice hulls. They laid these things in pools of oil, in search of a better absorbent. Finally, they found it - ground corncob worked like a charm. A PIG by any other name When that prototype "sock" sat in a pool of oil, it looked like it was wallowing in the slop. Someone called it a "pig," and the name stuck. When it came time to give our company a name, co-founder Ben Stapelfeld chose "Pig Corporation," but it was already registered to a local farmer. Out of respect to farmers (and lawyers), we added New to our name, and voila! - New Pig Corporation was born. 440 New Pig History But we've been unmaking messes for more than 30 years. WE WEREN'T BORN BARN IN A Our first product testing area was a pigpen of oily leaks and spills. The Pigalog has grown from our first 16-page "Almanac" into today's 454-page behemoth with more than 2,500 products. New Pig Corporation Milestones 1985 Our first product, the PIG Original Sock, is patented as the world's first contained absorbent. 1987 PIG Spill Kits are introduced as the first prepackaged emergency response kits for industrial workplaces. 1988 The New Pig Almanac is released (our first Pigalog!), featuring 16 illustrated pages of 20 products. 1989 PIG Mat makes its first appearance on plant floors - 28 years later it's still the world's #1 mat! 1992 PIG DrainBlockers and SpillBlockers hit the market, adding non-absorbent products to the PIG brand. 1994 New Pig Ltd. opens in Glasgow, Scotland. 1996 We patent PIG Build-A-Berm Barrier, an innovative berm that can be customized to fit any area. 1997 Newpig.com launches. Netscape Navigator finds it. 2003 New Pig Ltd. becomes the UK's largest industrial direct marketer. 2005 New Pig garners three Gold Product of the Year Awards from Plant Engineering: PIG SpillBlocker Vacuum Dike, PIG Under Rack Containment and PIG Burpless One- Hand Sealable Drum Funnel. 2006 Our international expansion reaches 70 countries. 2009 New Pig becomes NASCAR's officially licensed provider of heavy-duty wipers and absorbents. 2010 The Pigalog is available in nine languages. 2011 We unveil a line of PIG Flammable Safety Cabinets and guarantee them for life. 2013 PIG Grippy Surgical Mat is the choice of healthcare professionals everywhere who are tired of wet blankets. 2016 PIG Grippy Floor Mat takes on rental mats as a safer, easier, less expensive way to fight slips and trips.

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