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Absorbents Universal Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water PLP218 Universal multipack PLP201 Unlike clay, which is simply coated with liquid, fast-wicking recycled cellulose actually soaks up the spill the moment it touches the liquid Three times more absorbent means you'll use less material on the spill, reducing your labor and disposal costs Silica-free composition is nonabrasive and does not pose the health hazards associated with breathing in clay dust Nonabrasive composition won't harm finished floors or damage expensive machinery Lightweight absorbent is easier than clay to carry and use without injury Absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents and water Bag features a built-in handle for easy portability, handling and dispersal Recycled cellulose is ideal when green products are desired or required LITE-DRI VS. CLAY? THERE'S NO COMPARISON! Number of bags needed Lite-Dri %%% = 5.5 Clay %%%%%%% = 10 Dry weight of absorbent Lite-Dri %%% = 121 lbs. Clay %%%%%%%%% = 500 lbs. Used absorbent & liquid Lite-Dri = 1 drum Clay % = 2 drums Disposal cost a Lite-Dri % = $600 b Clay %%%%%%%% = $1,800 c Total costs (material, disposal) Lite-Dri % = $696 Clay %%%%%%%%% = $1,991 Use PIG Lite-Dri and save $1,295! a Whether you use incineration or landfill, savings are 50% because you dispose of 50% less volume. b This is because of higher Btu potential and lower ash content of Lite-Dri Absorbent. c $900/drum for 2 drums. What happens when we put PIG Lite-Dri Absorbent against clay on a 45-gallon spill? Lite-Dri Absorbent wins hands down! ORDER A PALLET (54 BAGS) OF PLP201 OR PLP218 FOR MAXIMUM FREIGHT SAVINGS! PIG Lite-Dri Loose Absorbent Item # 1-9 10-53 54+ PLP201 1 - 22-lb. Bag Absorbs up to 8 gal./bag $17. 50 $16. 40 $13. 45 Item # 1-6 7-19 20+ PLP218 8 - 5-lb. Bags Absorbs up to 12 gal./box $52 $49 $46 Corrosive Liquids Notice: Not recommended for acids, bases or other corrosive liquids. BEST SELLER! 43 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com BEST SELLER! Lite-Dri Loose Absorbent - Lighter and easier to carry than clay, plus it absorbs up to 3X more!

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