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427 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com In the mid-1990s, a pollutant infected almost half of the 32-mile Little Juniata River, wiping out most of the aquatic insects and leaving very little food for trout. That's when concerned residents stepped in and formed the Little Juniata River Association to monitor river activity. Soon after its inception, LJRA's mission expanded. Today, the organization strives to preserve and improve the river, in addition to monitoring it, by executing projects that will have a direct benefit. We do not spend our time on feel-good projects," said LJRA President Bill Anderson. "We want to know that what we're doing is the next thing that needs to be done, in the order of priorities." Atop LJRA's priority list is organizing and executing the annual riverbank cleanup, which usually takes place the first weekend in March. For four hours every year, volunteers band together to pick up and properly dispose of trash that people throw on the riverbanks and adjacent streets before it gets into the river. Last year, New Pig employees partnered with LJRA and two Boy Scout troops to clean up a stretch of the riverbanks in March, near New Pig headquarters in Tipton, Pennsylvania. With the additional site, Anderson said last year's riverbank cleanup had the largest turnout yet with about 240 volunteers. LJRA, an entirely volunteer-run organization, is the first-ever recipient of a PIG Difference grant. Going forward New Pig will award grants three times a year to organizations pursuing projects that restore, conserve and protect America's most important habitats: streams, rivers, ponds, swamps and wetlands. Cleaning up the Little Juniata River Grant recipients More than 60 New Pig volunteers combed the woods and riverbank for trash and debris. Green Abalone Restoration Project Get Inspired (getinspiredinc.org) Los Angeles, CA The plan is to inspire community stewardship in hands-on restoration of coastal ecosystems. Abalone, once plentiful, is an endangered species. They will restock the green abalone species using large adult farm-raised abalone. Native Plant Restoration Nursery Upgrade Mattole Restoration Council (mattole.org) Petrolia, CA The project is to update the Council's Native Plant Nursery to prevent the spread of plant diseases and restore natural systems in the Mattole River Watershed. The Nursery needs upgrades to ensure they can bring the highest quality, healthiest plants into their ecosystems. Duck and small bird nesting structures Donegal Experiential Education Program (DEEP) (dhs.donegalsd.org), Lancaster, PA DEEP is an outdoor and environmentally based program for high schoolers about the importance of protecting and conserving the environment. They install, monitor and maintain duck and bird boxes in Lancaster Co., PA, and need an ATV and cart to perform this service for years to come. Natural Refuge Kiosk and Bridge Project Holyoke Community College Foundation (hcc.edu/the-hcc-foundation), Holyoke, MA The Foundation is the caretaker of the Natural Refuge, Vernal Pond and Trail System, used as a campus and community educational and environmental venue. They need to repair, renovate and build trails, informational kiosks, and a bridge over the Refuge brook. Wetlands Restoration & Floodland Planning Woodbridge Township, NJ (twp.woodbridge.nj.us) Hard hit by Superstorm Sandy, Woodbridge Township aims to increase the area's resilience to flooding, as well as restore, conserve and protect the natural wetlands and improve the sustainability of the area's waterways. They want to create public open space as a buffer against storms and floods. PIG Difference Grant Universal

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