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New Pig looks for innovative groups in local communities working to make their corner of the world more sustainable. We provide funding in the form of cash and in-kind donations of PIG products. Projects We are particularly interested in either new or continuing hands- on community projects that improve sustainability of waterways, watersheds, estuaries, tidal pools or wetlands, or the wildlife that are directly affected by them. Most anything that improves sustainability of a body of water will be considered. Grant Sizes Approximately $25,000 (total) is annually awarded to deserving projects. Eligibility Groups and organizations of any type may apply, whether they are nonprofits, businesses or loosely organized groups. Applicants do not have to be New Pig customers to be eligible. Application and Referral Apply online at pigdifference.org/apply or encourage one of your favorite organizations to apply at pigdifference.org/take-action. Interested? Learn more about The PIG Difference Grant Program at pigdifference.org. 426 APPLY TODAY FOR A PIG DIFFERENCE GRANT DRM1125 PIG Difference Grant The PIG Difference Grant Program was established by New Pig to help customers and friends restore, conserve and protect America's most important habitats: streams, rivers, ponds, swamps and wetlands. No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time.

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