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40 CFR 264.175 requires full containment for hazardous waste to prevent releases into the environment. Full containment is defined as 100% of the largest container or 10% of the total volume, whichever is greater. EPA regulation summary 425 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com PIG Expert Advice Universal Secondary Containment If you are required to comply with EPA water pollution prevention regulations, spill containment is a key component to your plan. Keep these "truths" in mind at your facility: Truth #1: There are two kinds of spills. Determine whether your spill is incidental or emergency and respond appropriately. Truth #2: You might need a written spill plan. If your facility uses or stores oil, you might need an SPCC plan that outlines how you will prevent spills and an FRP plan that outlines how you will respond. Truth #3: You need two kinds of containment. Spill containment and secondary containment both play a huge role in spill prevention. Whether or not you have permanent secondary containment, you still need spill containment products. Want more Spill Containment Truths? Download the white paper shown above and keep reading! EXPERT ADVICE PAK531 PLR264 WATCH THE VIDEO PIG Build-A-Berms contain leaks and spills. You can build one - it's easy! newpig.com/buildabermhowto Spill Containment: PA P E R 11 TRUTHS EVERY FACILITY SHOULD KNOW Containment: A must-have to meet regs. Spill containment is a big part of complying with water pollution regs. Know these 11 truths. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WHITE PAPER: newpig.com/11truths PIG Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training (TRN185) Train workers on SWPPP and BMPs to control and prevent stormwater drainage into waterways. See page 252 PIG Spill Containment Pallets .................. 380 PIG Modular Spill Decks .......................... 389 PIG Build-A-Berm Barriers........................ 187 Top products that can help you comply: PAK210 Find more answers at newpig.com/expertadvice

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