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to Avoid Ways HAZARDOUS WASTE PA P E R HAZ WASTE FINES! 424 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Hazardous Waste Certain types of solid wastes present health and environmental hazards. This is where RCRA rules really begin to kick in. For every solid waste stream that is generated by or at a facility, a hazardous waste determination must be made. Under RCRA rules, solid wastes can become hazardous wastes in a number of ways: The waste is a hazardous waste if it is listed on the F, K, P or U lists The waste has a hazardous characteristic of toxicity, reactivity, ignitability or corrosivity The waste has been mixed with a listed hazardous waste The waste has been mixed with a characteristic haz waste and still exhibits that characteristic The waste is derived from the treatment, storage or disposal of a listed hazardous waste and has not been exempted EXPERT ADVICE 40 CFR 264.173 requires containers of hazardous waste to be kept closed, except when waste is being added or removed. 40 CFR 264.1086 prevents emissions from wastes containing VOCs by requiring a continuous seal or barrier. 40 CFR 262.34(c) allows up to 55 gallons of hazardous waste satellite accumulation in closed containers. EPA regulation summary DRM1125 DRM659 PIG Latching Drum Lids ........................... 313 PIG Burpless Drum Funnels ...................... 321 SGN668 Signs and Drum Labels ............................ 261 DRM1125 PIG Expert Advice Hazardous Waste WATCH THE VIDEO Lock those vapors inside the drum and you'll comply. We'll show you! newpig.com/drumlid Have a plan or pay the piper. Having a plan to manage your hazardous wastes properly is key to avoiding violations and fines. Our experts tell you how. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WHITE PAPER: newpig.com/hazwaste Targeted course explains generator, container and tank requirements in RCRA facilities. See page 252 Top products that can help you comply: PIG RCRA Training - Generator, Container and Tank Requirements (TRN190) Find more answers at newpig.com/expertadvice

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