Pigalog 2017 Page 413 Spill Containment

DRM167 5 gal. " This tray works perfectly for the used batteries we store. The acid will not eat it up and the lip is big enough to catch any spills. I would recommend this product to anyone." - Jim B. PAK920 Customer "works perfectly for used batteries." 413 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Spill Containment Universal Spill Trays Thick-wall, chemical-resistant polyethylene won't bend or warp Ribs on bottom of trays add strength and elevate parts to keep them away from trapped liquids Ideal for temporary storage of small containers that may leak or drip liquids onto the floor Stackable trays store easily when not in use Ideal for storing liquids, granules or powders that may leak, drip or cause contamination if they reach the ground PAK112 is designed to fit on top of pallet for easy mobility with a forklift; 40" x 48" pallets can also be placed inside of tray PAK112 PAK922 PAK921 NOTE: Wood pallet not included BEST SELLER! Flammables Notice: If using this product with flammable liquids, please consider the regulations that apply to storage and handling of flammable liquids and the safety of this application, specifically flammable vapors, static discharge and heat sources. For further assistance, please call Technical Services. PIG Utility Containment Tray Item # 1-3 4+ PAK922 40"W x 40"L x 5"H 26.92 gal. sump capacity $76. 15 $72. 05 PAK920 33.75"W x 52"L x 5"H 29.92 gal. sump capacity $94. 40 $91. 35 PAK919 28.25"W x 52.25"L x 5"H 23.93 gal. sump capacity $55. 85 $53. 80 PAK921 28.25"W x 40.25"L x 5"H 17.95 gal. sump capacity $63. 95 $60. 90 PAK918 16.25"W x 52.25"L x 5"H 11.96 gal. sump capacity $52. 10 $50. 10 PIG Pallet Containment Tray Item # 1-3 4+ PAK112 43.58"W x 51.38"L x 4"H 28.89 gal. sump capacity $126 $122 Utility Tray - Keep your greasy parts and leaky containers in a durable spill tray. BEST SELLER!

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