Pigalog 2017 Page 410 Spill Containment

410 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Spill Containment Containment Pools Truck Mount Carrier - Stow a containment pool or duffel bag truck kit in this carrier. Heavy-duty, gasketed, UV-resistant polyethylene container; padlockable Easily mounted to vehicles or other flat surfaces (mounting hardware not included) Expands instantly for immediate deployment; folds easily for storage. PAK927 Ideal for quick deployment to catch the contents of blown hydraulic lines, punctured tanks, leaking containers and decontamination operations Heavy-duty, 18 oz., vinyl-coated polyester provides high resistance to tears and punctures Rim has foam ring that rises with level of liquid contained Deploys instantly; decontaminate for reuse Helps you comply with 40 CFR 264.175, 40 CFR 122.26 and 40 CFR 112.7 PAK572 Portable Containment Pool - Don't leave home without our "stow & go" spill pool in your vehicle. Truck Mount Carrier for PIG Portable Spill Containment Pool Item # 1-9 10+ PAK572 13"W x 28"L x 10.5"H $63. 75 $58. 60 PIG Portable Spill Containment Pool Item # 1-2 3+ PAK971 5.75' Dia. x 1.67'H Sump dimensions 400 gal. sump capacity $260 $250 PAK970 5.75' Dia. x 1'H Sump dimensions 250 gal. sump capacity $212 $201 PAK928 4.42' Dia. x 1.08'H Sump dimensions 150 gal. sump capacity $170 $153 PAK927 3.625' Dia. x 1'H Sump dimensions 100 gal. sump capacity $147 $137 PAK926 2.7' Dia x 1'H Sump dimensions 66 gal. sump capacity $133 $123 PAK925 1.5' Dia. x 11"H Sump dimensions 20 gal. sump capacity $113 $103 PAK972 Storage Bag for 250- and 400-gal. Pool $62 PAK932 Storage Bag for 150-gal. Pool $34 PAK931 Storage Bag for 100-gal. Pool $32 PAK930 Storage Bag for 66-gal. Pool $28 PAK929 Storage Bag for 20-gal. Pool $26 BEST SELLER!

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