Pigalog 2017 Page 406 Spill Containment

Collapse-A-Tainer Accessories - Protective extras can help extend the life of your containment berm. Track Belting Add Track Belting to the floor of a Collapse-A-Tainer Berm for protection from heavy truck tires and debris Made of PVC-coated polyester to resist rough abrasion Measures 3' wide in the length of your choice Repair Kit for PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Berm Make quick and easy field repairs to PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Berm Contains all the essentials you need to repair up to 6" x 6" holes Industrial-Strength Vinyl Cement Provides durable, flexible and liquidproof bonding for most fabrics coated or laminated with vinyl Can also be used for general patching Resists temperature and weather extremes PIG Self Bailer Kit Easily attaches to the containment unit and acts as a fail-safe design Automatically stops containment rainwater outflow if filter senses a large hydrocarbon leak or if absorbent cartridge is completely saturated from an oil or hydrocarbon spill Ground Mat Ground Mat is an extra-thick underlayer for protecting Collapse-A-Tainer Berm from rough surfaces and punctures from sharp objects or rocks Constructed of the same tough PVC- coated polyester as Collapse-A-Tainer Track Belting Ground Tarp Protects Collapse-A-Tainer Berm from abrasion and punctures on rough surfaces like asphalt and concrete Made of the same tough 18-ounce vinyl XR-5 geomembrane as the Fail Safe Berm PAK595 PAK924 PAK130 FLT517 PAK752 PTY105 406 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Spill Containment Collapse-A-Tainer Accessories Ground Tarp for PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Containment Berm Item # 1 2+ PAK130 16'W x 52'L 20 mil $1320 $1255 PAK129 14'W x 28'L 20 mil $666 $636 PAK594 11'W x 11'L 20 mil $247 $233 Ground Mat for PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Containment Berm Item # 1+ PAK924 6' Wide 65 mil Sold by linear foot $20 Industrial-Strength Vinyl Cement Item # 1+ PTY105 8 oz. can $16. 40 PIG Self Bailer Kit Item # 1+ FLT517 Flow Rate 7.5-gal. per Hour Ext. Dia. 3.75" x 36"L $344 Repair Kit for PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Berm Item # 1+ PAK752 $149 PAK752 Contents 1 80 Grit Sandpaper 1 Heat Gun 1 Seam Roller 1 Instruction Sheet 1 Roll XR-5 Material 1 Plastic Case Track Belting for PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Containment Berm Item # 1+ PAK595 3' Wide Sold by linear foot $15 BEST SELLER!

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