Pigalog 2017 Page 392 Spill Containment

Optional bucket shelf makes dispensing easy. PAK736 Problem: Customers needed a compact, easy-to-use pallet for their IBCs with enough sump volume to meet regs. Finding the solution: Our Poly IBC Spill Containment Pallet has an innovative support system that doesn't cut into sump capacity but keeps the unit low and easy to use. We topped it with the heaviest grates in the industry for unbeatable strength and added 17% more surface area to make it easier to position your totes. As a final touch, we gave it the only closed sump on the market to keep out debris and make liquid recovery easier. Problem solved: PIG Poly IBC Spill Containment Pallet The best blend of strength and value without paying for more capacity than you need Strong enough for long-term storage of IBCs, this innovative design transfers weight to load-bearing channels Molded-in sump catches leaks, drips and spills to help you comply with regulations and keep storage areas clean Low profile for easy access to and dispensing from IBC tanks; 27" height for single unit, 22" height for twin Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) construction resists UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals Two-way forklift entry allows movement from either direction when not loaded Textured grating holds a variety of IBC sizes; lifts out for easy access to sump Pallet with attached bucket shelf (PAK736, PAK940) drains collected liquids into main sump for neater, easier dispensing (extra bucket shelf sold separately as PAK1011) Helps you comply with regs listed on page 394 COMPLY AND KEEP IT CLEAN! Spill Containment IBC Containment IBC Spill Pallet Your heavy tote is no problem for our 8,000 lb. capacity pallet. NEW BEST SELLER! THIS SETUP DOESN'T MEET REGS. Learn how to store IBCs and meet containment regs: newpig.com/ibcs-and-containment EXPERT ADVICE PIG PALLETS HAVE THE POWER! 392 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time.

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