Pigalog 2017 Page 386 Spill Containment

Fork pockets are spaced to fit most pallet jacks ; deck can be moved fully loaded with properly secured drums 2,000 lb. UDL capacity is strong enough to support two fully loaded steel or poly drums; PIG Decks won't buckle or bow Low-profile 6.5"H design is easy to load or unload; pumps and funnels are easy to access 22-gallon molded-in sump catches leaks, drips and spills during drum transfers Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) construction resists UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals Textured grating adds traction and lifts out for easy sump access Durable, heavy-duty steel ramp (PAK225) has edge guards that guide drum trucks and help keep them from rolling off the sides PAK1020 NOTE: Straps not included. Fork channels are sized and spaced so you can roll right in. Flammables Notice: If using this product with flammable liquids, please consider the regulations that apply to storage and handling of flammable liquids and the safety of this application, specifically flammable vapors, static discharge and heat sources. For further assistance, please call Technical Services. NOTE: Loaded drums should be properly secured before moving. PAK225 386 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Spill Containment Spill Decks Poly Deck with Pallet Jack Pockets - Transfer drums on this drip-catching deck. No forklift required! PIG Poly Deck with Pallet Jack Pockets Item # 1-2 3+ PAK1020 Holds (2) 55-gal. Steel or Poly Drums 22 gal. sump capacity 2,000 lb. load capacity 26"W x 52"L x 6.5"H $230 $220 PIG Spill Containment Deck Ramp Item # 1+ PAK225 Use with PAK1020 1,500 lb. load capacity $272 GOT EPA OR DOT QUESTIONS? GET FREE ADVICE! "What UN rating should I use to ship benzene?" We've teamed up with The Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training - experts, instructors and consultants in environmental regs - for answers to questions about complicated EPA issues. We also work with the experts at Daniels Training Services for the most current info on complex DOT classifications, packaging requirements and waste management regs. To reach either Aarcher or Daniels, call 1-800-HOT-HOGS (4647) or email reghelp@newpig.com . You'll get on-the-spot answers from the PIG Tech Team or we'll connect you with our partners - ASAP! reghelp@newpig.com 1-800-HOT-HOGS FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

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