Pigalog 2017 Page 38 Absorbents

38 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Absorbents Universal Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water DRM167 5 gal. Extra-tough , stitch-bonded polypropylene skin resists bursting; for use with a wringer or other demanding applications Pillow has large surface area , high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up liquids Compact design is great for catching persistent drips and leaks in small spaces or adding absorbency for spill response Durable, low-profile pan slides underneath machinery and into other tight spaces; acts as a barrier to contain liquids Pillow has large surface area, high capacity and is fast wicking Ideal for absorbing nuisance drips from leaking spigots, flanges, machinery and pipes PUT 'EM THROUGH THE WRINGER! SEE PAGE 301. PIL205 PAN204 PIG Super Absorbent Pillow Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-2 3-9 10+ PIL205 8"W x 20"L x 1.5"H 14 pillows 14 gal./box $57 $53 $49 PIG Super Absorbent Pillow-In-A-Pan Item # Size Abs. Up To 1-2 3-9 10+ PAN204 8"W x 20"L x 2"H 12 gal. $112 $106 $100 PAN204 Contents 12 Pillows 12 Pans Flat design is a hybrid of round socks and flat pillows ; hugs walls, machine bases and uneven ground to contain leaks, drips and spills Low-profile design puts more material in contact with the ground for better diking and maximum saturation Stitch-bonded, polypropylene skin resists bursting; sock is wringable for reclaiming up to 65% of absorbed liquid Cellulose filler is highly absorbent for containing and soaking up liquids PIG100 PIG Flat Absorbent Sock Item # Size Unit Abs. Up To 1-4 5-11 12+ PIG100 6"W x 4'L x 2"H 6 socks 12 gal./box $79 $73 $69 Flat Sock - More ground contact provides better protection against seepage. Super Pillow - Reclaim absorbed liquids from our tough, wringable pillow. Super Pillow-In-A-Pan - Wringable pillow absorbs liquids; pan catches runoff. BEST SELLER!

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