Pigalog 2017 Page 375 Storage & Material Handling

375 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Universal Safety Cans Storage & Material Handling Liquid Disposal Can - Collect your flammable liquids mess-free. High-density poly resists dents, punctures and chemicals Large opening for filling and pouring Stainless steel fittings are ideal for corrosive chemicals 100% leak-tested and fully FM Compliant construction Durable, powder-coated steel resists fuels, solvents and lubricating fluids Spring-loaded, self-closing lid is airtight to help control vapors and prevent spills; stainless steel flame arrestor and 3 1 /2"-long mesh screen stops flashback ignition Positive pressure relief cap automatically vents; guards against rupture and explosion Cans feature vented AccuFlow manifold and Safe-Squeeze trigger handle for excellent pour control and smooth liquid flow Type II Safety Cans - Don't take shortcuts with flammables. These cans are built for the job. CAN524 CAN522 CAN524 CAN119 CAN460 CAN462 CAN461 Dispensing faucet is built into can bottom to reduce the risk of spills and drops Durable, powder-coated steel resists fuels, solvents and lubricating fluids; also available in high-density poly (CAN462) to resist dents, punctures and chemicals Choose brass control-flow faucet for precision dispensing or a high-flow, heavy- duty faucet for faster dispensing 1-GALLON CANS AVAILABLE AT NEWPIG.COM Safety Shelf Can - Dispense flammables right from the shelf without even lifting the can. Liquid Disposal Can Item # 1-4 5+ CAN119 5 gal. *FM $144 $137 CAN117 2 gal. *FM $145 $138 *FM = Factory Mutual tested/approved Type II AccuFlow Safety Can (Specify Color: Red Yellow Add $3 for Yellow) Item # 1-4 5+ CAN524 5 gal. 1" Hose Diameter *FM, UL, ULC, TUV $100. 65 $93. 10 CAN523 5 gal. .625" Hose Diameter *FM, UL, ULC, TUV $101. 75 $94. 15 CAN522 2.5 gal. 1" Hose Diameter *FM, UL, ULC, TUV $100. 85 $93. 35 CAN521 2.5 gal. .625" Hose Diameter *FM, UL, ULC, TUV $100. 85 $93. 35 *FM = Factory Mutual tested/approved; UL = Underwriters Laboratories listed; ULC = Meets National Fire Code of Canada; TUV = TUV Certified BEST SELLER! Safety Shelf Can Item # 1-4 5+ CAN460 Steel Control Flow Faucet 5 gal. *FM $161 $152 CAN461 Steel Heavy-Duty Faucet 5 gal. *FM $161 $152 CAN462 Poly Control Flow Faucet 5 gal. *FM $173 $164 CAN528 Steel Control Flow Faucet 2.5 gal. *FM $122 $116 CAN529 Steel Heavy-Duty Faucet 2.5 gal. *FM $127 $121 *FM = Factory Mutual tested/approved

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