Pigalog 2017 Page 364 Storage & Material Handling

364 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Waste Oil Tank Storage & Material Handling reghelp@newpig.com 1-800-HOT-HOGS GET FREE ADVICE ON REGS! See page 386 for details. Make used oil useful again - recycle it! One gallon of used oil produces 2.5 quarts of high-quality lubricating oil - and a bulk collection area makes it easy to recycle it. REG TIP DRM814 Double Wall Waste Oil Tank - Store up to 500 gallons of waste oil. PAK249 Bulk capacity eliminates multiple small containers and centralizes waste oil storage Double-wall, 10-gauge steel construction helps tank withstand impact and provides leak-tested containment Generous 12"-diameter fill hole features a lockable hatch and debris screen Durable powder coating resists chipping, rust and corrosion Heavy-duty locking swivel casters for easy repositioning (PAK248-PAK250 only) Dipstick measures oil volume in tank (PAK248-PAK250 only) while level gauge monitors content at a glance Individual ports and tank exterior are labeled for easy identification 2" vent helps prevent pressure buildup Arrives assembled and ready to use NOTE: Not intended to be used as storage for new oil. PAK249 PAK1006 BEST SELLER! Oil Storage Regulations: Be sure to check federal, state and local oil storage regulations prior to purchasing. 10-Gauge Double Wall Waste Oil Tank with Accessories Item # 1+ PAK1006 500 gal. 42"W x 73"L x 52"H $3685 PAK250 240 gal. 37"W x 54"L x 43"H $2161 PAK249 185 gal. 37"W x 42"L x 43"H $1939 PAK248 120 gal. 28"W x 37"L x 45"H $1813 BEST SELLER! Individual ports and tank exterior are fully labeled for easy identification.

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