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X-rated for Packing Groups I, II, and III (except PAK180 and PAK181); ideal for regulated packaging including shipping hazardous waste 100% plastic material with UV inhibitors is durable, lightweight and chemical resistant Containers are nestable when empty to save storage space; will keep hazardous waste safely contained during shipping Leakproof, twist-on lid (except PAK180, PAK181) is notched so you can easily tighten it with a 2x4 or pole Integrated ledges allow you to move overpack with a forklift; smaller units have integrated handles Special features to suit your needs: PAK708 and PAK709 feature two broom holes 180-degrees opposite each other on the lid that allow 100% positive leverage for easy opening and closing with a broom handle or bar PAK489 and PAK710 have 6" polyolefin wheels and integrated handle for easy transportation to your shipping vehicle PAK674 is oversized for shipping distorted or bulging drums PAK229 is specially designed for one-person handling; base and lid accept 2x4s or poles to stabilize drum while you tighten the lid Helps you comply with 49 CFR 173.3(c)(1) requiring salvage drums to meet UN specs for shipping 360 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Overpacks Overpack Salvage Drum - Ship hazardous waste in a tough container. Spent spill response materials, including absorbents and PPE, may be placed in compatible UN Rated salvage drums for shipment. If the container is certified as both a salvage drum and an overpack and is used as a salvage drum, any references to the overpack must be removed prior to shipment. DID YOU KNOW? PAK710 PAK489 PAK181 PAK709 PAK384 PAK725 PAK674 BEST SELLER! Overwhelmed by overpacks? We can help: newpig.com/overpacks101 EXPERT ADVICE Storage & Material Handling PAK180 PAK708

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