Pigalog 2017 Page 358 Storage & Material Handling

358 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Dispensing Systems Dispenses motor oils , gear oils, automatic transmission fluids and other petroleum-based lubricants Attaches to 16- to 55-gallon tight-head drums 3:1 ratio, low-pressure pump is specifically designed for pumping liquids through a hose reel Z-Swivel and 25' medium-pressure dispensing hose aides lubrication for hard-to-reach machinery Durable hose has maximum working pressure of 5,000 pounds Oil control handle keeps output regulated and consistent Delivery rate of 5 gpm Oil Dispensing System - Great for farm and fleet operations. Accurately dispenses motor oils , gear oils, automatic transmission fluids or other petroleum-based lubricants from 55-gallon tight-head drums System consists of air-operated pump, quart meter and 32' open oil hose reel 3:1 ratio low-pressure pump is specifically designed for pumping liquids through a hose reel 32' rubber hose reel reaches your work area, retracts when you're finished Hand-operated quart meter tracks the amount of liquid dispensed in 8 oz. increments; comes with 12" flexible hose and non-drip nozzle Metered Dispensing System - Ideal for fleets, this system ensures fast, consistent oil and fluid fills. DRM698 DRM697 DRM696 DRM164 Drum sold separately Wedge - Durable wedge helps you pump every last ounce out of your drums. Easy-to-use wedge props up 30- and 55-gallon drums Moves liquid to one side for easy pumping Made of durable, nonsparking 100% recycled polyethylene Reduces waste; ideal for use with expensive process chemicals DRM299 Gear Lube Hand Pail Pump - Turn a standard bucket into a mobile lubricant dispenser! Dispenses 3 oz. per stroke of motor oil, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid or gear lubricants up to 140 weight Buna-N O-ring and brass- ringed piston are designed for use with petroleum- based oils and lubricants Includes 4' clear vinyl hose with a curved discharge nozzle NOTE: Pail not included. DRM694 BUY SEPARATE COMPONENTS OR SAVE ON A COMPLETE SYSTEM (DRM699) The Wedge Item # 1-9 10+ DRM299 10"W x 12"L x 5"H $22 $20 Oil Dispensing System Item # 1+ DRM164 For Oil-Based Liquids & Lubricants Air: 50-145 PSI $696 DRM164 Contents 1 Air Operated Pump - (DRM696) 1 Dispensing Hose - (DRM162) 1 Oil Control Handle - (DRM163) Storage & Material Handling Gear Lube Hand Pail Pump Item # 1+ DRM694 For Oil-Based Liquids, ATF & Gear Lube (Max. 140 wt.) 3 oz./Stroke Fits 5- to 6.5-gal. Open-head Pail $44 BEST SELLER! Metered Dispensing System Item # 1+ DRM699 For Oil-Based Liquids Air: 50-145 PSI $1664 DRM699 Contents 1 Pump - (DRM696) 1 Open Oil Hose Reel - (DRM697) 1 Quart Meter - (DRM698) DRM696 Air-Operated Pump For Oil-Based Liquids Air: 100-145 PSI $696 DRM696 Contents 1 Air Operated Pump Motor 1 Pump Tube 1 Oil Hose 1 Air Hose 1 Air Regulator Combination Unit DRM697 Open Hose Reel for Metered Dispensing System $637 DRM698 Quart Meter for Metered Dispensing System $418

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