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357 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Universal Drum Pumps Lutz Pump System - Take control of your outflow with this variable speed motor. DRM767 DRM768 Air-Operated Pump - Dispense fleet lubricants from IBC units. Transfer or dispense liquids up to 90 wt. Positive displacement pump is designed for pumping liquids through meters and oil hose reels with minimum flow loss 3:1 pump delivers steady flow of liquid up to 5 gpm Includes extra- long 42" pick-up tube and shorter 22 1 /2" tube for versatility Dual-mode design pumps or vacuums Quiet, air-powered pump has no motor; requires virtually no maintenance Automatic safety shutoff valve prevents overflows Fast-turn switch changes from fill to empty mode in seconds Installs quickly on a 55-gallon tight-head steel drum (requires drum with UN Rating of at least 1A1/X1.8/300) Pumps up to 33 gpm of oils, coolants and solvents Optional squeegee attachment (DRM276) pulls in up to 40 gpm for easier liquid cleanups Dual Force Vac - Two-way vac sucks liquids into a drum or pumps them out for reclamation. DRM367 Lutz drum pump motor (DRM767) Variable speed .85 HP electric pump motor lets you easily control output flow Open-flow, drip-proof motor is ventilated and cooled by air Polypropylene pump tube (DRM768) Polypropylene construction is compatible with a wide range of light-viscosity, oil-based liquids Nonlubricated tube DRM903 100% chemical-resistant , see-through tube (polypropylene), rod (thermoplastic polymer) and stoppers (neoprene) Features a unique screw-down locking device for transferring liquids and semisolids to your in-house lab DRM151 collects up to 130 mL of liquids or semisolids; DRM152 collects up to 460 mL Coliwasa Sampler - The easy way to sample liquids and semisolids in drums. DRM151 Lutz Drum Pump System Item # 1+ DRM767 For Thin-bodied & Slightly Viscous Liquids in Nonexplosive Areas Electric: 110V/60 Hz $606 DRM768 Polypropylene For Corrosive and Noncorrosive Liquids 39"L $501 DRM768 Contents 1 Polypropylene Pump Tube 1 Wall Hanger 1 PVC Hose 1 Barrel Adaptor 2 Hose Clamps Coliwasa Sampler Item # 1-2 3+ DRM152 For Sample Gathering Int. Dia. 1" x 39"L 10/box $256 $244 DRM151 For Sample Gathering Int. Dia. .56" x 39"L 10/box $256 $244 Dual-Force Vac Item # 1+ DRM903 For Oils, Coolants and Solvents Air: 50 PSI at 15 SCFM (Min.), 100 PSI at 23 SCFM (Max.) $744 DRM903 Contents 1 Pump Body Assembly With Overflow Preventer 1 Hose 1 Drum Evacuation Tube 1 Extension Wand 1 Hose Drum Connection 1 Ball Valve With 1/4" NPT 1 Air Line Filter Squeegee Attachment for Dual-Force Vac Item # 1+ DRM276 Steel handle with neoprene blade $177 Air-Operated Pump with Pick-Up Tube for IBC Item # 1+ DRM367 For Oil-Based Liquids Air: 50-145 PSI $650 DRM367 Contents 1 Air-Operated Pump Motor 1 42"L Pump Tube 1 22.5"L Pump Tube 1 Oil Hose 1 Air Regulator Combination Unit BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! Stumped about a pump? Call our Tech Team at 1-800-HOT-HOGS! Storage & Material Handling

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