Pigalog 2017 Page 348 Storage & Material Handling

348 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Drum Lifters & Storage Jaws spread from 18"-25" to clamp top rim of tight-head steel drums Lightweight enough (just 20 lbs.) to be maneuvered by one person Jaws Drum Lifter - Fit drums into overpacks or salvage drums using low-profile jaws. Open-Head Drum Lifter - Move a lidless drum without risk of deforming it. Arms adjust for use on nearly any drum with at least 3 /16" chime: steel or poly, 30- or 55-gallon, open- or closed-head Three-point contact helps prevent drum cave-ins or deformation Requires no hydraulic or electric connection; locks in place with drum's own weight Drum Lifter - Load into overpacks or salvage drums. DRM418 DRM419 GEN260 GEN252 Universal Drum Lifter Item # 1 2+ DRM418 For 55-gal. Steel, Fiber & Poly Rimmed Tight-head Drums 1,000 lb. Load Capacity $288 $272 DRM419 Forklift Attachment $359 $346 Open-Head Drum Lifter Item # 1+ GEN252 For 30- to 55-gal. Steel & Poly Open- & Tight-head Drums w/ 3 /16" Chime 1,000 lb. Load Capacity $285 BEEP! BEEP! FORKLIFT CAUTION SIGNS SOLD ON PAGE 257. Jaws Drum Lifter Item # 1 2+ GEN260 For 55-gal. Steel Tight-head Drums 1,000 lb. Load Capacity $148 $139 BEST SELLER! Drum Pallet Rack - Optimize floor space with a high-capacity rack. DRM570 Drum Pallet Rack Item # 1-2 3+ DRM570 Holds (12) 30- to 55-gal. Steel or Poly Tight-head Drums 14,475 lb. Load Capacity $1035 $980 DRM571 Add-On Holds (12) 30- to 55-gal. Steel or Poly Tight-head Drums 14,475 lb. Load Capacity $883 $835 Storage & Material Handling Heavy-duty structural channel steel holds several tons; accommodates 30- and 55-gallon drums as pallet rack Position drums on included cradles or remove for pallet storage Add-on unit (DRM571) bolts to an existing rack Drum lifter (DRM418) slips between drum and overpack wall to insert or remove a rimmed drum Tension spring holds arms against drum Forklift attachment (DRM419) includes 360 swivel hook and chain for secure operation with drum lifter GET EVERY DROP OUT OF YOUR DRUM WITH OUR DRAIN-IT-ALL DRUM SIPHON (DRM678) AT NEWPIG.COM BEST SELLER!

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