Pigalog 2017 Page 336 Storage & Material Handling

336 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Drum Parts & Accessories Steel drum replacement parts : Ring and bolt sets for 55 gal. open-head steel drums; lever drum rings for 55 gal. open-head drums Open-head drum replacement parts : Rubber gaskets for 55 gal. drums (sold 10/box); drum lids for 55 gal. drums with and without bung fittings; DRM1037 gasket stretches over drum lip to create an air, and liquidproof seal Bungs for tight-head steel drums : Choose either 2" NPT or 3 /4" NPT plated steel bungs with bung gaskets Bungs for tight-head poly drums : Choose either 2" poly buttress bung or 2" poly NPT bung (both have gaskets) DRM534 DRM538 DRM539 DRM536 DRM1037 DRM541 DRM542 DRM544 DRM545 Drum Replacement Parts - Salvage those still-usable drums and put them back in business! DRM543 Drum Replacement Parts Item # 1+ DRM531 Drop Forged Drum Ring & Bolt Set for 55-gal. Open-Head Steel Drums $26. 60 DRM534 Lever Drum Ring for 55-gal. Open-Head Steel Drums $14. 75 DRM536 Rubber Gasket - Square for 55-gal. Steel Drums 10/box $29. 65 DRM1037 Drum Sealing Gasket for 55-gal. Reconditioned Drums 25/box $85 DRM541 Plated Steel Drum Bung for Steel Drums w/ 2" Bung 10/box $31. 85 DRM542 Plated Steel Drum Bung for Steel Drums w/ .75" Bung 10/box $24. 40 DRM543 2" Poly Buttress Drum Bung for Poly Drums 10/box $33. 65 DRM544 2" Poly NPT Drum Bung for Poly Drums 10/box $35. 85 DRM545 2" Buttress Adapter for Poly Drums $41. 10 DRM538 Unlined Replacement Drum Lid with Gasket for 55-gal. Open-head Steel Drums Without Bungs $35. 75 DRM539 Unlined Replacement Drum Lid with Gasket for 55-gal. Open-head Steel Drums With 2" & .75" Bungs $49. 20 BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! Storage & Material Handling Place "spider" over lid and ring, then crank legs to hold lid closed for nut- and-bolt securing Coarse thread on closure mechanism tightens quickly with limited cranking For 55-gallon open-head drums , especially if lid rings become hard to install DRM1044 Drum Ring Spider - Grabs and squeezes lid rings for easy installation. DRM143 GEN302 Drum Insert - Seamless liner protects contents and extends drum life. Barrier Film Drum Liner - Withstands chemicals, paint, solvents and hot fills. Low-density polyethylene construction with accordion design ; seamless construction Heavyweight 15-mil LDPE liner reduces cleaning, reconditioning and disposal costs FDA Approved polypropylene is safe for use with food and cosmetic products Reduces costs of cleaning, reconditioning and disposing of used containers Contoured design is easy to insert ; won't leave folds or pockets that will trap liquid Made from nylon/poly film to resist chemicals, paints and solvents PIG Drum Ring Spider Item # 1+ DRM1044 For 55-gal. drums $158 Drum Insert Item # 1+ GEN302 For 55-gal. Drums Accordion 15 mil 20/box $207 Barrier Film Drum Liner - Chemliner Item # 1+ DRM143 For 55-gal. Drums Tie-off 5 mil 20/box $197

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