Pigalog 2017 Page 332 Storage & Material Handling

332 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Poly Drums & IBCs Translucent walls and molded-in calibration marks eliminate guesswork to help prevent overfilling or running out of supplies Made from FDA Approved resins for containment of food products High-density polyethylene construction is strong and durable, yet lightweight UN Rated and tested to help ensure safe shipping of hazardous materials 360 top drum chime makes it easy to move with drum lifter or other drum handling device (DRM1138, DRM1139) DRM1137 has 2" NPS and 3 /4" NPS bungs; DRM1138 has 2" buttress and 2" NPT bungs; DRM1139 has 2" NPS with center reducer and 3 /4" NPS bungs Translucent Poly Drum - Check fluid levels at a glance with a see-through poly container. DRM1137 DRM1138 DRM1139 Heavy-duty poly construction makes drum reusable and recyclable Made from FDA Approved resins for containment of food products Locking metal ring and polyethylene lid with rubber gasket seal drum tight Molded-in handles allow easy maneuvering UN Certified for domestic and international shipments Cube-Shaped Poly Drum - Save space when you ship or store in this drum. HDPE tank is chemical resistant and completely discharges contents Square tube steel frame resists rust Composite pallet is stronger than wood and lighter than steel; stack four high 2" butterfly valve with outlet nozzle for controlled dispensing Poly IBC - Replace multiple drums with one tote. DRM1141 DRM794 DRM796 DRM793 DON'T RISK COSTLY FINES. SEE OUR IBC CONTAINMENT UNITS ON PAGES 392-396. UN Rated Poly IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) Item # 1-2 3+ DRM1142 330 gal. Composite Pallet 39"W x 47"L x 53"H UN31HA1/Y $749 $711 DRM1141 275 gal. Composite Pallet 39"W x 47"L x 46"H UN31HA1/Y $673 $638 Cube-Shaped UN Rated Poly Drum Item # 1-9 10+ DRM796 15 gal. UN3H2/Y90/S $91. 85 $86. 35 DRM794 10 gal. UN3H2/Y90/S $75. 25 $71. 95 DRM793 8 gal. UN3H2/Y51/S $68. 65 $65. 30 Translucent UN Rated Poly Drum Item # 1-9 10+ DRM1139 55 gal. UN1H1/Y1.9/100 $87. 60 $83. 30 DRM1138 30 gal. UN1H1/Y1.8/100 $82. 40 $75. 80 DRM1137 15 gal. UN1H1/Y1.8/100 $58. 25 $53. 85 BEST SELLER! Storage & Material Handling

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