Pigalog 2017 Page 331 Storage & Material Handling

331 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Universal Fiber Drums & Grounding Wires Retractable Grounding Reel - Flexibility for high-use areas. Spring-loaded retracting reel maintains a handy length of wire; prevents tangles to avoid accidents Reel locks when cable is at desired length and retracts with a light tug Ideal for transferring flammable materials in high volumes DRM133 Storage & Material Handling DRM798 DRM799 DRM806 UN Rated No need to empty drum to burn contents for waste reduction or fuels blending; drum is completely incinerable Flat top and bottom make stacking simple and safe Telescoping cover slips over top, so you can utilize entire inside capacity Ideal for pelletized resins, colorants, and other dry materials UN Rated Single-wall construction is sturdy and long lasting; rounded corners are less likely to get damaged Telescoping, two-piece design allows compact storage; flat top and bottom make stacking safer and more uniform Drum contains no metal parts for rust-free storage and complete incineration at time of disposal Cost-effective alternative to poly drums for storing dry or solid materials UN Rated All-Fiber Drum - Incinerable drum can store or dispose of hot-fills and dry materials. UN Rated All-Fiber Drum Item # 1-9 10+ DRM806 55 gal. UN1G/Y100/S $56. 55 $55. 50 DRM799 30 gal. UN1G/Y120/S, UN1G/Z120/S $43. 20 $42. 15 DRM798 12 gal. UN1G/X60/S $38 $35. 75 DRM1071 DRM995 DRM994 Square Fiber Drum Item # 1-9 10+ DRM1071 55 gal. UN1G/X100/S $62 $60 DRM995 30 gal. UN1G/Y120/S $49 $46 DRM994 15 gal. UN1G/X75/S $29 $28 UN Rated Economical, lightweight fiber drum holds dry products like colorants or powders Lever-locking band holds steel lid in place; can be wire sealed to deter tampering Reinforced bottom adds strength Incinerable to minimize disposal cost at end of usable life UN Rated Fiber Drum - Affordable container even has steel chimes and a lever-locking band. DRM382 DRM384 DRM383 BEST SELLER! Square Fiber Drum - Maximize your floor space for storage. Retractable Grounding Wire Reel Item # 1-2 3+ DRM133-50T Reel Grounding End Hand Clamp Bonding End 50'L $426 $411 DRM133-20T Reel Grounding End Hand Clamp Bonding End 20'L $314 $299 UN Rated Fiber Drum with Lever Locking Band Item # 1-9 10+ DRM384 55 gal. UN1G/Y200/S $76. 95 $72. 70 DRM383 30 gal. UN1G/Y172/S $61. 40 $57. 10 DRM382 15 gal. UN1G/Y120/S $52. 75 $49. 55

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