Pigalog 2017 Page 326 Storage & Material Handling

326 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Drum Funnels Access to 3 /4" bung for liquid-level gauge Double-wall polyethylene construction resists UV rays, corrosion, most chemicals Level inside surface allows easy draining Zigzag ridges prevent splashes and catch tools or parts DRM672 has 4" sidewalls and attached hinged lid; fits 55-gallon tight-head drums DRM452 and DRM454 have 2 5 /8" sidewalls; fits 30- and 55-gallon tight-head steel drums and 30-gallon open-head steel drums DRM455 Pump adapter allows pump to stay in place as funnel catches leaks and drips; fits 30- and 55-gallon tight-head steel drums; fits 30-gallon open-head steel drums DRM454 Funnel with detached cover DRM455 Funnel with pump adapter (pump not included) Filter/splashguard removes large particles and prevents splashing. DRM459 GEN257 Funnel Accessories - Add convenience and performance to your PIG Poly Funnels. Pop-up drum fill gauge helps prevent overfilling. Drum funnel strainer filters metal chips and debris from liquid as you pour. DRM672 Pop-Up Drum Fill Gauge Item # 1-3 4+ DRM317 11" Float Indicator Depth For Drums w/ .75" NPT Bung $22. 25 $21. 25 DRM245 5" Float Indicator Depth For Drums w/ .75" NPT Bung $23. 15 $22. 10 Flammables Warning: Not for use with flammables (f.p.<141F/60.5C). Strainer for PIG Poly Drum Funnel Item # 1-4 5+ DRM459 Strainer for DRM452 and DRM454 .044"W x .044"L Mesh Opening $19 $17 DRM628 Strainer for DRM639 and DRM672 .044"W x .044"L Mesh Opening $19 $17 Filter/Splashguard for PIG Poly Drum Funnel Item # 1+ GEN257 For PIG Drum Funnels 15/box $69 " I regret having waited so long to get the drum funnels. We now can drain any container into our drums without them slopping over or having smaller funnels tip over. We can also drain the buckets without waiting for the slow viscous materials to drain." - Tom C. DRM454 Customer "We had been fumbling with other funnels for years..." Poly Drum Funnel - Cover your entire drum top for clean, easy draining and pouring. PIG Poly Drum Funnel (Specify Lid Color: Black Red Yellow) Item # 1-4 5+ DRM672 Funnel with Hinged Lid Ext. Dia. 29" x 11"H $78. 80 $73. 75 DRM452 Black only Funnel only Ext. Dia. 23.63" x 5.5"H $50. 80 $46. 75 DRM454 Funnel and Detached Cover Ext. Dia. 23.75" x 6"H $76 $70. 85 PIG Poly Drum Funnel with Pump Adapter Item # 1-4 5+ DRM455 Ext. Dia. 23.75" x 6"H $135 $125 DRM455 Contents 1 Funnel 1 Pump Adapter 1 Hex Gasket Seal 1 Round Gasket Seal Flammables Warning: Not for use with flammables (f.p.<141F/60.5C). DRM245 Storage & Material Handling BEST SELLER!

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