Pigalog 2017 Page 320 Storage & Material Handling

Latching handle opens and closes lid in a one-handed operation Lets you pour without having to vent through 3 /4" bung , a possible closed container reg violation if left open Chemical-resistant powder coat helps ensure long service life DRM1127 and DRM1128 feature a built-in overfill preventer Lockable to prevent unauthorized access Helps you comply with 40 CFR 264.173 requiring haz waste containers to be closed Helps you comply with 40 CFR 262. 34 (c)(1) for satellite accumulation of hazardous waste Helps you comply with 40 CFR 264.1086(c)(1)(ii) for VOC emissions Problem: Pouring liquids into a closed-head drum is a messy job. Funnels take forever to drain. They burp. They splash. But leaving open the " bung to vent the drum is a violation of closed container regs. Finding the solution: We had to equalize the pressure in the drum without loosening the " bung. We designed a built-in vent to let air escape, but it took a while to get the rest of the funnel just right. We made tall funnels. Wide funnels. Funnels so heavy they tipped the drum over. When we finally figured out what would work, we had a funnel that could empty a 5-gallon bucket in 17 seconds without a single splash - and help customers comply with regs. Problem solved: PIG Burpless Drum Funnels Burpless Funnels - Clean pouring, no splashback and a one-hand latch for easy reg compliance. EXCLUSIVE! POUR IT. DON'T WEAR IT. 320 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Drum Funnels BEST SELLER! DRM1125 PIG Barrel Top Mat sold on pages 30-31. Storage & Material Handling THE DREADED SPLASHBACK

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