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303 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Patch, Repair & Maintenance Universal Storage Chest & Trash/Cigarette Receptacles Drum Top for Trash - Turn your open- head steel drum into a fire-safe trash can. Smokers Cease-Fire - Snuff cigarettes in this alternative to sand-filled buckets. Steel construction with enameled finish resists chips, scratches, corrosion and weather Self-closing, fire-safe door is FM Approved Attaches securely to steel drums with thumb screws Classic design is simple, durable and blends into many environments Door hinges are zinc-phosphate treated to resist rust and noise Contoured door has rubber bumpers for silent operation Weatherproof, high-density polyethylene with flame- retardant additive ; won't rust Clean, professional appearance Oxygen-restricting design quickly extinguishes cigarettes to prevent smoldering Enclosed design keeps waste in and water out Easy-open lid and removable liner CAN255 (55-gallon drum not included) Hinged lid closes tightly to keep out water and dirt , indoors or out Easy to transport by forklift even when fully loaded Rounded lid keeps water and debris from accumulating on top of chest UV-inhibited polyethylene construction is weather resistant and lasts for years Models available with 8" wheels, 5" wheels or no wheels BOX406 Dark Granite Storage Chest - Store nearly anything in these indoor/outdoor chests. Drum Top For Trash Collection (Specify Color: Black Green Red) Item # 1-3 4+ CAN255 For 55-gal. Drums $215 $205 PIG Storage Chest (Specify Color: Gray Orange Yellow Dark Granite Forest Green Add $35 to price shown for Dark Granite) Item # 1+ BOX405 15 cu. ft. 350 lb. load capacity (4) 8" No-Flat Wheels (2 Swivel w/Brake & 2 Rigid) $588 BOX406 15 cu. ft. 350 lb. load capacity (4) 5" Rubber Wheels (2 Swivel w/Brake & 2 Rigid) $429 BOX404 15 cu. ft. 350 lb. load capacity No Wheels $311 BEST SELLER! BOX404 Forest Green CAN237 Available in: Adobe beige Deco black Forest green Terra cotta Gray Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle (Specify Color: Gray, Adobe Beige, Deco Black, Forest Green, or Terra Cotta) Item # 1-3 4+ CAN237 Ext. Dia. 16.5" x 38.5"H $80 $77 BEST SELLER!

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