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299 Patch, Repair & Maintenance Universal Can Recycler FLT732 Durable aluminum construction resists rust and corrosion. Angled carbide pin cleanly and easily punctures cans. Punctured cans have no sharp, jagged edges. How-to instructions come attached to the unit. LUBRICANTS BRAKE CLEANERS DEGREASERS SPRAY PAINT $2.30 per can $2.30 per can $2.30 per can $2.30 per can CURRENT STATE OF HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL 55 GALLON DRUM 55 GALLON DRUM $538 Cost of drum & drum disposal 234 Collected "empty" cans per drum $2.30 Per can disposal cost 55 GALLON DRUM 55 GALLON DRUM $240 Cost of drum & drum disposal 4,000 Collected "empty" cans per drum (processed liquid equivalent) $0.37 Per can disposal cost Exceed Compliance Reduced Disposal Cost Reduced Handling Requirements Recycling Profits Hazardous Satellite Accumulation Required 90 or 180 Day Accumulation Limit Closed Container Storage Required Frequent Hazardous Waste Removal Required PUNCTURE & RECYCLE HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL SOLUTION Empty cans are now valuable scrap metal " DRM1266 works very well. We used to pay a hazmat company to dispose of our aerosols - quite expensive. Since we got the Aerosol Recycler, we recycle the cans and recoup even more money. We've more than paid for the unit with these savings. Very good investment." - Chuck DRM1266 Customer "Very good investment!" TOSSING EMPTY AEROSOL CANS COSTS YOU. TURN THEM INTO COLD, HARD CASH! Transform hazardous waste into recycled scrap metal. *Includes initial cost of unit and replacement filters. *

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