Pigalog 2017 Page 298 Patch, Repair & Maintenance

Patch, Repair & Maintenance Can Recycler Ground wire helps prevent static electricity buildup. Two-piece coalescing filter/ carbon cartridge captures odors and VOCs released by punctured aerosol cans. Wall sign has clear directions on how to operate the can recycler system. PIG Aerosol Can Recycler Item # 1-2 3+ DRM1266 $709 $669 DRM1266 Contents 1 Puncture Unit 1 Goggles 1 Instruction Sign 1 Plastic Sleeve 1 Combination Filter 1 Grounding Wire DRM1151 PIG Combination Replacement Filter $237 $227 DRM1150 PIG Carbon Replacement Cartridge 2/box $273 $263 DRM1236 Viton Replacement Gasket 1/bag $11 DRM1237 Neoprene Replacement Gasket 1/bag $5 DRM1266 Recycling system easily punctures aerosol cans, rendering them exempt from haz waste regulations when properly emptied Eliminates the risks associated with illegal aerosol disposal and the expense of haz waste handling Minimizes worker injuries caused by fire, explosion or VOC release Properly emptied cans can be sold as scrap steel; reducing waste can help you meet recycling goals System works with domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans Unit mounts directly into 2" bung on a 30- or 55-gallon closed-head drum; residual liquids drain directly into drum. (Drum should not be filled more than 70% full to provide proper displacement for released contents.) Timestrip indicator eliminates the guesswork of carbon cartridge changeouts (ideal operating temperature range 60-80F) Replacement gaskets sold separately; choose standard neoprene (DRM1237) or upgrade to Viton (DRM1236) for extra chemical resistance Replacement filters also sold separately as combo (DRM1151) or carbon cartridge only (DRM1150); coalescing filter life is six months; carbon cartridge life is three months Helps you comply with 40 CFR 261.1(c)(6) that defines scrap metal DRM1151 Combination Replacement Filter DRM1150 Carbon Replacement Cartridges Aerosol Can Recycler - Puncture and drain your aerosol cans to avoid the hassle and expense of haz waste handling. 298 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time.

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