Pigalog 2017 Page 296 Patch, Repair & Maintenance

DRM655 DRM584 DRM1148 DRM1266 RNG202 Minimize your waste streams and save money with these best-selling PIG products. RECYCLING & WASTE MINIMIZATION PIG Waste Compactor Crush disposal costs by compacting up to 6 drums of waste into one. Use for absorbents, rags, plastic, cardboard and more. See page 297 PIG Aerosol Can Recycler Puncture aerosol cans for easy, legal recycling to avoid the hassle and expense of haz waste handling. See pages 298-299 Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drum Store used bulbs in this drum until it's full, then just seal it and ship it. See page 301 PIG Free-Standing Oil Filter/Paint Can Crusher Turns used oil filters or paint cans into recyclable scrap steel with 19,000 lbs. of downforce. See page 300 PIG Absorbent Wringer Reclaim up to 90% of liquids from your PIG Absorbents to help meet waste minimization goals at your facility. See page 301 Zero in on zero waste - help the environment, help yourself. According to the EPA in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), waste minimization is "the reduction of hazardous waste that is generated or subsequently treated, stored or disposed," and includes both source reduction and recycling. Here's what you can do: Perform a waste audit - find out what types and how much waste you are producing and identify processes that are producing unnecessary wastes Improve housekeeping - this inexpensive but effective method includes proper labeling, storage, disposal and segregation of wastes Reclaim, recycle and reuse wastes - many wastes can be recycled within a process, used as fuel or sold as scrap PIG Waste Compactors can help you reduce the volume of your waste and products like our PIG Aerosol Can Recycler can save you money by avoiding the expenses of haz waste handling. Call our Tech Team for more ways that PIG products can help! 296 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Recycle and minimize your waste streams. Read how at: newpig.com/recycle-universal-waste EXPERT ADVICE OUR BULK TANKS ARE GREAT FOR WASTE OIL. SEE PAGES 363-364.

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