Pigalog 2017 Page 294 Patch, Repair & Maintenance

294 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Patch, Repair & Maintenance Oil-Water Separators Organic compost/mulch filler achieves a 97.2% total solid removal; also filters oils, diesel, gasoline and hydrocarbon sheens Barrier provides effective erosion and sediment control with constant-flow filtration at 2 gpm/linear foot Ideal for use near storm drains, culverts and ditches ; also helpful where mobility matters, such as site entrances and exits Installs easily on most surfaces, even pavement or frozen ground Bio-based, organic materials help you meet environmental goals No need for stakes or equipment; won't rip, tear or fall down Helps you comply with 40 CFR 122.26 Stormwater Regs Filtrexx FilterSoxx available in two options: PetroLoxx additive removes oily pollutants from stormwater MetaLoxx additive captures and retains heavy metals such as copper, lead, zinc and chromium FilterSoxx - Protect storm drains from sediment, pollutants and chemicals. FLT710 Double-polyester skin blocks sediment and won't fall apart in tough environments. Filtrexx FilterSoxx with PetroLoxx Item # 1-5 6+ FLT711 Filters Oil, Debris & Sediment Ext. Dia. 5" x 10'L $157 $145 FLT710 Filters Oil, Debris & Sediment Ext. Dia. 5" x 5'L $89 $81 Filtrexx FilterSoxx with MetaLoxx Item # 1-5 6+ FLT718 Filters Heavy Metals, Oil, Debris & Sediment Ext. Dia. 5" x 10'L $155 $143 FLT717 Filters Heavy Metals, Oil, Debris & Sediment Ext. Dia. 5" x 5'L $89 $81 BEST SELLER! The PIG DrainBlocker with DuPont Elvaloy Technology has a fortified vinyl top that resists prolonged UV exposure. It's so tough, it can take the blazing sun for weeks at a time without melting into a gooey mess. Learn more on pages 170-171. Low-profile, fits under transformers, outdoor equipment, vehicles, greasy dumpsters or piping Rugged, UV-resistant construction is made for long-term use outdoors It takes just minutes to replace saturated absorbents Spaghetti-strip filter media absorbs oil, but allows water to flow through deck Helps you comply with 40 CFR 122.26 Just lift off the grates to replace the absorbent media. FLT511 FLT512 Decks can be bolted together to hold larger items like grease dumpsters. Outdoor Deck Rugged decks capture oil while rainwater drains out. PIG Outdoor Deck Item # 1+ FLT512 52"W x 52"L x 5.75"H Absorbs up to 10 gal. $439 FLT511 26"W x 52"L x 5.75"H Absorbs up to 5 gal. $282 FLT510 26"W x 26"L x 5.75"H Absorbs up to 2 gal. $202 Media for PIG Outdoor Deck Item # 1-2 3+ FLT513 Ext. Dia. 4" x 12"L Absorbs up to 5 gal./box 20 socks/box $89 $75 BEST SELLER! We use these drip pans with our grease dumpsters as a pouring platform. Our clients love them because they are stable, look clean, and allow water to pass through, while trapping the grease." Matthew D. FLT510 Customer Grease- trapper..."

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