Pigalog 2017 Page 266 Plant Safety

266 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. PLS1038 PARK-IT Parking Curb - Tough parking curb is striped with reflective tape for high visibility. Made of 100% recycled tires ; resists UV light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures Reflective, glass-beaded tape increases visibility ; multiple colors available Rubber material bends and flexes to form to asphalt or concrete surface; installs with rebar spikes Low-profile design stops cars but won't damage vehicles Foam Strip - Stick this foam strip on corners and edges for light-duty protection. Creates a soft surface on machine edges, low-clearance areas, workbenches and more; absorbs minor impact Flexible strips cut to size with scissors Long-lasting adhesive holds strips in place for years; initial tack allows some repositioning during installation PLS1324 Reflective Foam Guards - Protect workers from injury and property from damage, day or night. High-density foam softens blows to help protect workers; guards equipment or facility from damage Contrasting red and silver reflective finish is highly visible in daylight or in low-light conditions Long-lasting self-adhesive backing attaches to any clean, dry surface Heavy-duty foam guards are thick but can be easily cut to fit any space PLS2001 PLS2002 PLS2003 Rounded back and extra-wide design gives extra protection and mounts easily to corners. Reflective Foam Guards Item # Application Shape Dimensions 1-5 6+ PLS2001 90 Corner Round Back Ext. Dia. 2.5" x 39.25"L $125 $119 PLS2002 90 Corner Flat Back 3.25"W x 39.25"L x 1.75"H $123 $116 PLS2003 Flat Surface Round Back 2.75"W x 39.25"L x 1.5"H $121 $114 PLS2001 Protective Foam Strip Item # 1-4 5+ PLS1325 Flat Surface 4"W x 36"L x 0.375"H 5/box Yellow and Black $118 $111 Yellow $75 $68 PLS1324 Flat Surface 2"W x 36"L x 0.375"H 5/box Yellow and Black $80 $76 Yellow $50 $46 PLS1325 PLS1041 Two units shown 100% recycled tire construction resists UV, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures; flexes and bends to surface shape 9" stripes, glass beads and "cat's eye" glass inserts reflect light to attract attention , especially at night Place bumps end-to-end for customized lengths Predrilled for installation on asphalt with rebar spikes (PLS1039) or on concrete with lag bolts (PLS549) (both sold separately) Easy Rider Speed Bump - Slow down a vehicle without causing it to bottom out. Bottom grooves provide a channel for cables and wires. End caps add a finished look. PLS1043 EASY RIDER Speed Bump Item # 1-4 5+ PLS1041 12"W x 72"L x 2.25"H $224 $212 PLS1043 End Cap for Speed Bump $39 $37 PLS1039 Rebar Spikes Ext. Dia. .5" x 14"L 4/package $22 $21 PLS549 Lag Bolt $9 $8. 55 Plant Safety Speed Bumps & Foam Guards BEST SELLER! PARK-IT Parking Curb (Specify Color for PLS1038: White Yellow) Item # 1-4 5+ PLS1038 6"W x 72"L x 4"H $76 $73 PLS1039 Rebar Spikes Ext. Dia. .5" x 14"L 4/package $22 $21 BEST SELLER!

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