Pigalog 2017 Page 256 Plant Safety

SGN509 256 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Bright colors and easy-to-read legends help you comply with 29 CFR 1910.145 by indicating specific hazards that may lead to accidental injury or property damage. THREE-STEP EASY ORDERING 1. Choose a legend 2. Choose a composition 3. Choose a size Three compositions to fit your application and budget. Aluminum signs offer long-lasting, superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals, weather, splashes and washdowns Plastic signs are an economical choice for light-duty or temporary use, indoors or sheltered outdoors Dura-Vinyl self-sticking signs provide exceptional flexibility and performance, indoors or out; high-gloss film resists UV rays, water, chemicals and abrasion Safety Signs - Provide vital information with easy-to-read signs. Helps you comply with regs! Not much help. SGN536 CHEMICALS AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SIGNS SGN515 SGN516 SGN517 SGN519 SGN522 SGN521 SGN523 (SGN521& SGN522 are 10" x 14" only.) BEST SELLER! SGN539 SGN543 SGN552 SGN547 SGN540 SGN544 SGN554 SGN548 SGN541 SGN545 SGN555 SGN550 SGN537 SGN542 SGN551 SGN546 BEST SELLER! SGN528 SGN534 SGN529 SGN535 SGN531 SGN536 SGN499 SGN532 BEST SELLER! Plant Safety Signs Safety Signs Item # 1-9 10+ Aluminum 10"W x 14"L $35 $34 Aluminum 7"W x 10"L $33 $32 Plastic 10"W x 14"L $25 $24 Plastic 7"W x 10"L $20 $19 Self-Sticking 10"W x 14"L $23 $22 Self-Sticking 7"W x 10"L $18 $17 SGN500 SGN504 SGN503 SGN505 ADMITTANCE AND EXIT SIGNS SGN501 SGN502 SGN506 SGN507 SGN508 SGN518

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