Pigalog 2017 Page 245 Plant Safety

Thick nitrile/SBR construction improves comfort and productivity and helps relieve foot, leg and back fatigue Holes in mat allow drainage to help keep mat surface dry Built-in connectors let you combine sections (sold individually) Grease-resistant mat is ideal for metal working, food processing, kitchens and more Available with gritted surface (FLM539) for increased traction Performa Mat - Antislip, nitrile/SBR construction provides excellent drainage. FLM539 FLM538 FLM539 100% nitrile construction provides comfort and resistance to chemicals, oils and grease Modular design makes it easy to replace individual sections and customize configurations Assembles easily with built-in connectors and channels that fit together without hammering Silicon-carbide grit bonded permanently to pure nitrile provides long-lasting, nonslip traction (yellow ramps are without grit) Add beveled ramps to reduce tripping hazards and create a finished look Available with holes for wet areas or without holes for dry areas Niru Mat - Interlocking system adds safety where it's slippery. Built-in connectors make it easy to connect ramps. Carbide surface won't wear off. FLM816 Ramp FLM810 Mat 576 large drainage holes channel liquid away from standing surface Ideal for wet, greasy areas Nubbed backing grips floor and improves drainage to prevent sliding Modular design can be built to fit your workstation; built-in connectors securely lock sections Choose heavy-duty rubber ( FLM639 ) or 100% nitrile ( FLM648 ) for extra resistance Safety-Step Mat - Provide a sturdy, grease-resistant surface in slippery areas. FLM648 Performa Anti-Fatigue Mat Item # 1-4 5+ FLM538 3'W x 3'L x 0.625"H $39 $37 FLM539 Gritted Surface 3'W x 3'L x 0.625"H $71 $67 Line any drainage mat with absorbent Pig Blue Mat! See pages 12-13. Safety-Step Grease-Resistant Modular Anti-Fatigue Mat Item # 1-4 5+ FLM639 3'W x 3'L x 0.56"H $74 $70 Dura-Step II Grease-Proof Modular Anti-Fatigue Mat Item # 1-4 5+ FLM648 3'W x 3'L x 0.625"H $96 $91 Niru Cushion-Ease GSII Anti-Fatigue Mat Item # 1-4 5+ FLM812 With Holes 5'W x 3'L x 0.75"H $261 $248 FLM811 Without Holes 3'W x 3'L x 0.75"H $168 $159 FLM810 With Holes 3'W x 3'L x 0.75"H $160 $152 Ramp for Niru Cushion-Ease GSII Anti-Fatigue Mat (Specify: Female or Male Connection) Item # 1-4 5+ FLM817 Without Grit Top Yellow 2"W x 5'L x 0.625"H $27. 75 $26. 75 FLM816 Without Grit Top Yellow 2"W x 3'L x 0.625"H $18. 50 $17. 50 Plant Safety Universal Antifatigue Mats 245 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com BEST SELLER!

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