Pigalog 2017 Page 244 Plant Safety

244 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Plant Safety Antifatigue Mats Specially formulated rubber surface repels sparks and hot metal shards Buoyant 1 /2" rubber sponge base reduces back and leg stress Pebbled texture increases traction Spark-Safe Mat - Withstands sparks and hot metal shards while adding comfort. Corrugated Switchboard Mat - Low-profile mat insulates up to 30,000 volts. Deep corrugated vinyl surface for safe footing; good for electronics stations 1 /4"-thick mat won't create a tripping hazard Conforms to ANSI/ASTM D-178-93 Type 2, Class II Standards Ozone and flame resistant Custom length ; match your mat and workplace with clean, factory-cut edges A SIGN MAKES IT CLEAR WHEN HIGH VOLTAGE IS NEAR! SEE PAGE 258. Pebbled surface increases traction. FLM235 FLM191 FLM819 Spark-Safe Anti-Fatigue Mat Item # 1-4 5+ FLM235 3'W x 5'L x 0.562"H $158 $149 Corrugated Switchboard Mat Roll Price is per linear foot (maximum length 75') Item # 2-75' FLM191 3'W x 0.25"H $21 Custom-cut lengths ship within 2-3 days. Six attractive color choices to complement your office decor; great alternative to industrial black mats with yellow safety borders 100% solution-dyed fabric gives long-lasting color that won't fade Thick nitrile foam cushioning is comfortable for all-day standing Beveled edges minimize trip hazards and help prevent mat edges from cracking or curling Encourages healthier work habits by reducing aches, pains and fatigue associated with long-term sitting Get Fit Stand-Up Anti-Fatigue Mat - Stand at ease while you work! Get Fit Stand-Up Anti-Fatigue Mat (Specify Color: Black Cocoa Brown Cobalt Blue Dark Green Red Granite) Item # 1-4 5+ FLM821 34"W x 47"L x 0.625"H $83 $79 FLM820 22"W x 60"L x 0.625"H $72 $69 FLM819 22"W x 50"L x 0.625"H $62 $59 FLM818 22"W x 32"L x 0.625"H $41 $39 Dimensions are approximate. NEW!

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