Pigalog 2017 Page 238 Plant Safety

Plant Safety Entrance Mats 238 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. 100% Money-Back Guarantee! MAT195 Get Grippy and Sticky: Use PIG Grippy Floor Mat to absorb water and oil from shoes (see pages 18-19), and then PIG Sticky Steps for finer particles! Needle-Rib Mat - Grooves grab moisture and dirt. Long-lasting, deep-ribbed, polypropylene needle-punched fiber construction Slip-resistant rubber backing grips floors Easy to clean using a vacuum or extractor FLM301 Stiff nylon bottom bristles maximize scrubbing No-scratch poly bristles clean shoe sides Weather-resistant frame raises bristles off ground for easier shoe cleaning Open-bristle design lets dirt and debris fall through to help prevent clogging SCRUSHER Shoe & Boot Cleaner - Keep grime out! TLS623 PIG Sticky Steps Mat (Specify Color: Blue Gray White) Item # 1 2-4 5+ MAT567 36"W x 60"L 120 sheets $330 $314 $298 MAT566 24"W x 45"L 120 sheets $202 $193 $183 MAT195 24"W x 36"L 120 sheets $123 $117 $111 MAT565 18"W x 45"L 120 sheets $155 $147 $141 MAT194 18"W x 36"L 120 sheets $82 $78 $74 BEST SELLER! " We use the mats at the doors leading to our test areas. Before, we had to have our office carpets cleaned biweekly; now we can go a few months. We will continue to use them as long as we have a test facility." - Wesley E. MAT566 Customer "...saved us more than they cost." High-tack mat pulls dirt and debris from shoes and wheels to prevent tracking into offices, cleanrooms and other areas where clean floors are vital Used sheets tear off easily (includes four pads of 30 sheets each) Numbered pull-tab system shows when you're running low Low-profile pack adheres to floor with easy-to-use backing Each 2-mil polyethylene sheet is nonallergenic, nonodorous and nondrying Sticky Steps Mat - High-tack mat grabs grime from shoes and wheels to stop dirt in its tracks. Needle-Rib Entrance Mat (Specify Color: Brown Charcoal) Item # 1-2 3+ FLM302 4'W x 6'L 26 oz. per sq. yd. Basis Weight $77 $74 FLM301 3'W x 5'L 26 oz. per sq. yd. Basis Weight $47 $45 Heavy-Duty SCRUSHER Shoe & Boot Cleaner Item # 1+ TLS623 9.5"W x 9.75"L x 7.75"H $85 TLS624 Replacement Brushes for Heavy-Duty SCRUSHER 5/package $25 When top sheet is dirty, just peel it off and throw it away! MAT565

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