Pigalog 2017 Page 226 Personal Safety

226 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Fast deployment: simple assembly takes less than 10 minutes Weighs only 26 lbs. for easy handling Removes chemicals and other hazardous substances Removable spray wand connects to any standard garden hose (hose not included); shut-off valve controls flow Pool holds wastewater to prevent environmental contamination; ground tarp gives extra protection to ground and pool Portable Decon Station - Quickly assemble this onsite decontamination station in emergency situations. PLS1540 Ideal for installation in high-risk areas to provide onsite initial treatment Chrome-plated brass valves stay open until manually closed for complete decontamination Axion MSR eye wash head design works more effectively with natural eye function than standard eye washes Inverted streams contact eye at the inner corner and sweep contaminants toward the outside edge; helps stop contaminants from flowing into other eye or draining into nasal cavities Nearly vertical streams reach zero velocity and softly puddle in midair before falling for a gentler, fuller flush Face wash nozzles also use inverted streams to flush entire face as eyes are cleaned Antimicrobially treated head prevents the growth of mold and mildew ANSI Z358.1 compliant ABS plastic showerhead is corrosion resistant and highly visible. Drench Shower and Eye Wash - Install one unit for total body and MSR face decontamination. PLS1358 Tester catches water and channels it to a floor drain or container, keeping floors dry 12"-diameter funnel made of clear vinyl with reinforced top opening; durable material keeps its shape and allows easy inspection Attached 25' flat vinyl hose has 2" dia.; drains up to 20 gallons per minute Has mounting bracket, hooks; installs easily on most dome-style drench showers Installs in seconds with included hardware. TLS609 Portable Decon Station Item # 1 2+ PLS1540 Zytron 500 Decon Shower & Pool Holds 185 gal. $1470 $1398 PLS1540 Contents 1 Yellow Ground Tarp 1 Canvas Carrying Bag 1 Spray Wand 1 PVC Frame 1 Zytron Pool 1 Instructions PIG Drench Shower Tester Item # 1+ TLS609 For Drench Showers $151 Shower Tester - Stay dry while you comply with ANSI shower-testing regs. Personal Safety & PPE Decon Stations & Safety Showers Free-Standing Drench Shower & Eye Wash Item # 1-2 3+ PLS1358 Pedestal Mount Flow Rate Eyewash - 3.7 gal/Minute, Shower - 20 gal/Minute $1210 $1148 Did you know there are standards and requirements for eyewash stations and drench showers? See them at newpig.com/eyewash-drenchshower-standards EXPERT ADVICE TLS609

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