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GLS380 Personal Safety & PPE Universal Goggles & Faceshields Rigid plastic station with mirror holds one bottle of solution and up to four boxes of tissues Hi-viz, easily accessed station encourages regular cleaning of glasses and goggles Offer one-at-a-time dispensing to help limit usage and minimize waste Silicone- and alcohol-free solution is safe and effective for any lens, even those treated to prevent fogging or scratching Lens Cleaning Station - Clean eyewear provides safer working conditions. GLS175 Premoistened towelettes contain no silicone or alcohol. GLS179 uvex clear Lens Cleaning Station Item # 1-5 6+ GLS175 uvex clear Lens Cleaning Station $55 $53 GLS175 Contents 1 Station w/ Mirror 1 16 oz. Lens Cleaning Solution 4 500 ct. Lens Cleaning Tissues 1 Mounting Hardware GLS176 uvex clear Lens Cleaning Solution 1 - 16 oz. bottle $6 $5. 75 uvex clear Lens Cleaning Towelettes Item # 1-9 10+ GLS179 100/box $16 $15. 25 Splash GoggleGear - Lightweight, face- conforming protection. AO Tuffmaster Faceshield/ Headgear System Item # 1-9 10+ GLS382 Ratchet Suspension Headgear for AO Tuffmaster Faceshields $29. 65 $28. 15 GLS383 Faceshield Window Propionate Plastic $11. 50 $10. 95 Beyond The Standard Sperian Faceshield/ Headgear System Item # 1-11 12+ GLS204 Headgear for Faceshields $18 $17 GLS204-0001 Faceshield Window Propionate Plastic $7. 70 $7. 30 GLS204-0002 Faceshield Window Polycarbonate $11. 10 $10. 55 GLS204 Sponge-padded sweatband prevents splashes from running down inside faceshield Choose chemical-resistant propionate or scratch-resistant polycarbonate faceshield lenses; ANSI Z87.1 compliant Faceshield/Headgear - Chem and spark protection. GLS204-0001 Designed to maximize protection , support and comfort with inside-mount window and five-position crown strap Precision ratcheting adjustment makes getting a comfortable fit quick and easy Clear propionate window offers excellent chemical resistance (GLS383); ANSI Z87.1 compliant GLS383 Faceshield System - Change windows quickly. Headgear and lens sold separately. Headgear and lens sold separately. Goggle and Faceshield - Use both for splash safety. Can be worn with respirator. Polycarbonate faceshield includes FogGardPlus MonoGoggle for primary and secondary splash and impact protection Shield features winged design that extends below chin and around sides of face; keeps chemical splashes away from face ANSI Z87.1 compliant to help protect against impact Adds protection to disposable respirator (not included) GLS374 GLS382 223 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com Lightweight ellipsoidal Lexa polycarbonate lens extends viewing range; just 1.8 oz Soft PVC shroud conforms to the face; indirect venting prevents fogging; DX Anti-Fog Hard Coat lens resists fogging, scratching, static and most chemicals ANSI Z87.1 compliant for impact BEST SELLER! Splash GoggleGear Item # 1-9 10+ GLS380 Polycarbonate Lens PVC Shroud Clear Frame $17. 10 $16. 20 Beyond The Standard MonoShield Goggle with Faceshield Item # 1-9 10+ GLS374 Polycarbonate Lens Clear Frame $50 $48

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