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Personal Safety & PPE Protective Suits 216 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. Chemical-resistant suits provide reliable protection from dry particulates and light splashes Strong serged seams resist stress Elastic wrist and ankle openings help keep out chemicals (WPL903, WPL904) Attached hood extends protection to head (WPL904) Attached hood and boots protect head and feet (WPL905, WPL906) Breathable, spunbond polypropylene material keeps workers cool and comfortable Microporous polyethylene film repels liquids and blocks out dirt and dust Disposable, single-use design ensures full protection every time Use for emergency response, maintenance and for limited chemical protection Cloth-backed tape is easy to tear by hand. Secures loose protective clothing and withstands tough industrial conditions Polyethylene-coated cloth backing resists moisture to maximize sealing Safe N' Clean Coveralls - Stay cool and comfortable. Duct Tape - Secure loose protective clothing. WPL116 WPL266 Chemtex Protective Clothing - Level C protection from chemical splashes. Endurosaf Apron - Provides lightweight protection against chemicals and oils. Worn alone or with the jacket (WPL136, sold below), the overall provides effective lower-body splash and dust protection ; coverall, WPL137, sold below Flame-resistant nylon/ polyester is coated with impermeable PVC to withstand acids, alkalis, oils and other chemicals Heat-welded seams, heavy-duty buckles and reinforced knees/crotch decrease rip-outs Elastic cuffs provide an effective seal against splashes and particles Nonconductive and nonsparking for safety around electrical or combustible hazards Enduro 2000 composite film provides durable protection, even in cold temperatures Composite film outperforms neoprene, nitrile, vinyl and other films for use in food processing, chemical processing and labs Liquids roll right off satiny smooth finish for easy cleaning All-day comfort; only weighs 8 oz. WPL137 Coverall WPL903 Zytron 100 Level D Coveralls (Specify Size: L/XL, XXL/XXXL Add $3 to price shown for XXL/XXXL For WPL906 Add $20 to price shown for XXL/XXXL) Item # 1-4 5+ WPL903 Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists & Ankles Collar Attached Serged Seams 12/box $172 $162 WPL904 Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists & Ankles Hood Attached Serged Seams 12/box $180 $172 WPL905 Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists Hood, Boots Attached Serged Seams 12/box $204 $192 WPL906 Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists Hood, Boots Attached Bound Seams 12/box $226 $215 Zytron Coveralls - Pick from four styles offering Level D protection. BEST SELLER! Safe N' Clean SplashGuard Level D Coveralls (Specify Size: L, XL, XXL or XXXL) Item # 1-4 5+ WPL116 Zipper Front, Open Wrists & Ankles Elastic Hood Attached 25/box $218 $207 Duct Tape Item # 1+ WPL266 2"W x 180'L $9 Chemtex Protective Clothing (Specify Size: M, L, XL or XXL) Item # 1-4 5+ WPL135 Level C Bib Overall Suspenders, Elastic Ankles & Waist $33 $31 WPL136 Level C Jacket with Hood Snap Front, Elastic Wrists Drawstring Hood Attached $44 $42 WPL137 Level C Coverall with Hood Snap Front, Elastic Wrists & Ankles Drawstring Hood Attached $70 $67 WPL135 Bib WPL136 Jacket Endurosaf Apron (Specify Color: Blue White) Item # 1-11 12+ WPL139 No Pockets $26. 30 $25. 05 WPL905 BEST SELLER! WPL139

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