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212 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. 3M Respirators - Get affordable protection from airborne hazards with reusable respirators. Lightweight, comfortable thermoplastic respirators accept a variety of filters and cartridges (sold separately) to protect against specific airborne contaminants Swept-back cartridge design improves balance and field of vision Half-mask design fits comfortably, even over eyeglasses (RSP300) Full-face design includes a large, hard-coated lens that shields eyes and face with wide, unobstructed view (RSP304) For reuse , simply replace used cartridges and filters after disassembling and cleaning respirator (sold separately) Choose cartridges and filters (RSP600-RSP617) with specific filter efficiencies (RSP600 requires RSP619 for proper use) Filters and cartridges easily lock into place RSP610 Multi gas and vapor cartridge RSP300 Half-mask RSP605 Organic vapor cartridge RSP304 RSP605 One-piece design with adjustable noseclip provides a secure fit (3M Part #8210) NIOSH/MSHA approved for use with oil-free particulate aerosols No maintenance , cleaning or spare parts to worry about Dust Mist Respirator - Light-duty N95 protection from particulate aerosols. RSP439 Particulate Respirator - Get a great fit from Moldex. Exhalation vents and neck cords for convenience and performance Moldex Dura-Mesh shell holds its shape longer Smooth Softspun lining won't irritate skin NIOSH/MSHA approved; 95% efficient for oil-free particulate aerosols up to 10X AEL RSP490 3M N95 Dust Mist Respirator Item # 1+ RSP439 2 Spaghetti Straps 20/box $25. 90 Moldex Particulate Respirator (Only Available in M/L) Item # 1-11 12+ RSP490 N95 2 Spaghetti Straps 20/box $34 $32 RSP491 N95 2 Spaghetti Straps 10/box $39 $37 RSP491 Personal Safety & PPE Respirators 3M 6000 Series Half-Mask Respirator (Specify Size: S, M or L) Item # 1-4 5+ RSP300 Adjustable/Elastic Strap $21. 15 $20. 10 3M 6000 Series Full-Face Respirator (Specify Size: S, M or L) Item # 1-4 5+ RSP304 Adjustable/Elastic Strap $204 $194 3M 6000 Series Cartridges and Filters Item # 1-4 5+ RSP600 N95 Pre-Filter Filters N95 Particulates & Non-oil-Based Aerosols 10/box $27. 65 $25. 95 RSP605 Respirator Cartridge Filters Organic Vapors 2/bag $20 $19 RSP607 Respirator Cartridge Filters Organic Vapors & Acid Gases 2/bag $21. 30 $20. 20 RSP610 Respirator Cartridge Filters Organic Vapors & Multiple Gases 2/bag $21. 10 $20. 05 RSP614 Respirator Cartridge Filters P100 Particulates, Oil Mist, Organic Vapors & Acid Gases 2/bag $42 $40 RSP617 Respirator Cartridge Filters P100 Particulates, Multiple Gases & Oil Mist 2/bag $43 $41 RSP619 Filter Retainer For N95 Pre-filters 20/package $61 $58 BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! TAKE A BREATHER AND CHECK OUT PIG RESPIRATOR BASIC TRAINING ON PAGE 253.

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