Pigalog 2017 Page 210 Personal Safety

210 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. CleanTeam Gloves - Great for delicate handling or as a liner. Cotton/Poly Jersey Gloves - Protect your hands from scrapes and bumps. GLV380 100% cotton lisle is breathable and comfortable Ambidextrous, with a two-piece reversible pattern Can be used as a comfortable glove liner Great for packaging/inspection applications or when you need to keep small amounts of dirt off hands Cotton/poly blend provides outstanding fit and comfort with added durability Protect hands from abrasion and minor cuts Knit cuff keeps particulates out and provides a comfortable fit Great for general maintenance, warehousing, automotive and agricultural work Uncoated gloves Cotton/poly knit construction wicks sweat and allows air circulation; stretches to reduce hand fatigue Ambidextrous design simplifies inventory Mediumweight construction (GLV417) balances service life with cost Color-coded elastic wrist hems (GLV140) help you identify sizes PVC-dotted gloves Dotted nubs provide excellent grip and increase abrasion resistance Reversible pattern provides twice the life Seamless construction and poly/cotton blend provide breathable comfort GLV417 String Knit Gloves - The economical heavyweights for warehousing and more. GLV352 GLV328 GLV140 PIP CleanTeam Inspection Gloves (Specify Size: Women's or Men's; GLV380 also available in XL) Item # 1-24 25-49 50+ GLV380 Lightweight Unhemmed Cuff 12 pairs $9. 50 $8. 95 $8. 20 GLV381 Mediumweight Unhemmed Cuff 12 pairs $12. 10 $11. 30 $10. 70 Uncoated Cotton/Poly String Knit Gloves Item # Brand Gauge Weight Color Coating Sizes Qty 1-11 12+ GLV140 MCR Safety 7 Standard Natural N/A XS - L 12 pairs $7. 90 $7. 55 GLV417 Memphis Glove N/A Medium Natural N/A Men, Women 12 pairs $6. 20 $5. 90 PVC Dotted String Knit Gloves Item # Brand Gauge Weight Color Coating Sizes Qty 1-11 12+ GLV328 Gloves, Inc. 7 Heavy Natural PVC dots, 2 sides Men, Women 12 pairs $15. 85 $15. 10 Can't decide which glove's a fit? Call our Tech Team at 1-800-HOT-HOGS! PIP Cotton/Poly Jersey Gloves Item # Composition Oz Wrist Liner Sizes Qty 1-11 12-24 25+ GLV352 Cotton/Poly 8 Knit Unlined Men, Women 12 pairs $13. 95 $13. 30 $12. 65 Personal Safety & PPE Jersey & Cotton Gloves BEST SELLER!

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