Pigalog 2017 Page 207 Personal Safety

GLV336 GLV323 All coatings offer excellent grip in wet conditions; nonallergenic alternative to latex Tear-resistant, seamless nylon knit liner has high tensile strength and stretches for a tight fit with better sensitivity Low-linting material won't absorb oil , so it's great for wet or dry use Formfitting and curved to match hand contours for minimized fatigue Breathable open back lets heat and perspiration dissipate Extended cuff helps keep out dirt; reinforced stitching helps prevent fraying Gloves with the features you need: GLV315, GLV318, GLV323 and GLV340 feature a nitrile foam coating for exceptional grip in wet conditions GLV307 offers extra puncture and cut protection without extra thickness GLV334 has a PVC coating that is highly resistant to petroleum products plus a foam layer between coating and liner for added cushioning and comfort GLV335 has a thin, lightweight polyurethane coating with smooth texture for excellent grip and sensitivity; nonallergenic alternative to latex GLV323 is constructed with a dotted texture to provide a firmer, more confident grip, even on wet or oily objects GLV340 features a unique waffle texture that provides excellent grip and tactile sensitivity Nylon Coated Gloves - Economical choices deliver all-condition grip. Cotton/Poly-Coated Gloves - Knit lining provides comfort in dry handling tasks. Coated gloves grip slippery tools and withstand abrasion without the expense of leather Tear-resistant, seamless cotton/poly knit lining is great for dry tasks with occasional splashing Thick, puncture-resistant latex coating is economical and highly flexible Breathable open back lets heat and perspiration dissipate Cotton/Poly Coated Gloves Item # Name Coating Texture Color Sizes Qty/Pkg 1-11 12+ GLV336 Armor Latex Crinkle Gray/Blue S - XL 12 pairs $33. 85 $32. 15 Personal Safety & PPE Universal Coated Gloves Nylon Coated Gloves Add $3. 25 to price shown for XXL (GLV318 only) Item # Brand Name Coating Texture Color Sizes Qty/Pkg 1-11 12+ GLV315 West Chester N/A Foam Nitrile Smooth Gray/Gray XS - XXL 12 pairs $37 $35 GLV318 Kimberly- Clark KleenGuard G40 Foam Nitrile Smooth Black/Blue S - XXL 12 pairs $81 $77 GLV323 PIP G-Tek MaxiFlex Plus II Foam Nitrile Dotted Gray/Black S - XL 12 pairs $77 $73 GLV340 Showa-Best Atlas Ventilus Foam Nitrile Waffle Blue/Black S - XL 12 pairs $84 $80 GLV307 PIP G-Tek NN Nitrile Smooth White/Gray S - XL 12 pairs $30. 40 $28. 90 GLV334 PIP P-Flex PVC Smooth Gray/Black M - XL 12 pairs $37. 20 $35. 30 GLV335 Gloves, Inc. Feather Flex Polyurethane Smooth Black/Black S - XL 12 pairs $37. 40 $35. 50 BEST SELLER! 207 Phone: 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) Fax: 1-800-621-PIGS (621-7447) Web: newpig.com CHECK OUT PIG HAND SAFETY TRAINING ON PAGE 253.

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