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Disposable Nitrile Gloves - Light-duty protection for handling grease, food and chemicals. Nonallergenic nitrile is more chemical resistant than latex to guard against intermittent contact and splashes Resists puncture and abrasion better than PVC or vinyl Offer light protection, sensitivity and dexterity with use-and-toss convenience Thin enough to use as a liner under another glove Ambidextrous design simplifies inventory Beaded cuff helps prevent ripping and creates a better seal Available powder-free to help eliminate skin irritation, contamination and residue Nonsterile industrial grade provides an affordable barrier to keep dirt or mild chemicals away from hands Nonsterile medical grade ensures reliability with strict standards Great for assembly, repair, electronics, quality control, chemicals, hospitals, food, laboratories and more Available fully textured or with textured fingertips to provide a firm grip when handling wet or oily objects Special features to suit your needs: GLV104, WPL362, GLV120 and GLV102 have a light dusting of powder to help gloves slide on effortlessly and absorb perspiration throughout the day GLV108, GLV117, GLV123, GLV127 and WPL580 have a longer cuff for extended protection onto forearm GLV109 and WPL847 feature an accelerator-free formulation that won't cause dermatitis GLV107, GLV109 and GLV116 are thicker in fingertips and palm to minimize tearouts GLV116 features an aloe and vitamin A inner coating to help prevent chapped or cracked skin GLV123 has an interior polymer coating that allows easy on/ off without powder and additional thickness in fingertips and palm to minimize tearouts GLV1211 has 3,000 raised diamonds per glove that produce an aggressive texture for a superior grip under oily, wet or dry conditions GLV118 198 No Guff Guarantee Every product. Every penny. Every time. MUCK 'EM UP & TOSS 'EM OUT! BEST SELLER! Need help choosing the right glove? Call our Tech Team at 1-800-HOT-HOGS! Personal Safety & PPE Disposable Gloves

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